Valorant: Clove Age, Voice Actor, and More

Valorant’s latest agent Clove has taken the gaming world by storm with their unique toolkit and backstory. Hailing from... Stalingrad | 29. March 2024

Valorant’s latest agent Clove has taken the gaming world by storm with their unique toolkit and backstory. Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Clove is the first agent from the country to join the popular tactical shooter. 

Riot Games recently unveiled Clove, codenamed Agent 25, at the Masters Madrid tournament. The controller/duelist hybrid instantly captivated players with their intriguing powers that allow them to stay in the fight even after being eliminated.

Clove’s Nationality and Background

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Clove’s Scottish heritage is front and center, evident in their strong accent and voice lines that showcase Scotland’s storytelling culture. Compared to other agents, Clove has a more nuanced way of speaking, playing with words and displaying a flair for the dramatic.

The latest Valorant cinematic gives a glimpse into Clove’s backstory, following them as they stroll through iconic Scottish locations like The Balmoral Hotel and Edinburgh Waverley Station after being revived. Clove activates their ultimate ability, entering the real world of Valorant through a rift.

Their voice actor is Isla Campbell, a Scottish actor known for the queer coming-of-age series Float. In an X post, Campbell expressed their joy at voicing “a character that means so much to so many people, myself included.” They praised Riot for creating Clove “with so much love and care.”

Clove’s Trailblazing Identity

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In a groundbreaking move, Riot confirmed that Clove is Valorant’s first non-binary agent, going by they/them pronouns. This marks a significant step in representation for the LGBTQ+ community and those who identify outside traditional gender norms.

Clove’s distinct aesthetic, with their punk rock style featuring butterfly motifs and multiple pins in their dark hair, perfectly captures their vibrant personality. Though short in stature, likely around Jett’s height, Clove makes a big impact with their feisty voice lines and unmistakable presence.

All 24 previous agents had clearly defined gender identities, so the introduction of a non-binary character is a welcome move towards diversity and inclusion in Valorant’s world.

Clove’s Unique Abilities

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What really sets Clove apart is their innovative ability kit. As a controller, their primary role is creating smokes to block sightlines and zone areas. However, Clove’s smokes have an unprecedented twist – they remain viable even after the agent is eliminated.

But Clove’s capabilities don’t end there. Their self-healing ability is reminiscent of Reyna’s overheal, while their revive ultimate evokes memories of Phoenix’s resurrection. During their “Pick Me Up” ability, Clove even gains a mobility boost akin to duelists.

This hybrid nature allows Clove to seamlessly blend controller and duelist playstyles. Their kit excels on smaller maps like Icebox and Fracture, where their zoning and self-sustain abilities truly shine.

A New Era in Valorant

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Clove’s arrival heralds an exciting new phase for Valorant. Not only does their addition bring a fresh and powerful agent into the meta, but their identity makes an important statement about inclusivity in gaming.

For players seeking an aggressive, high-impact controller experience, Clove is the perfect pick. Meanwhile, their non-binary representation holds great significance for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

As Valorant continues to evolve and expand its diverse roster of heroes, Clove’s unique Scottish flair, indomitable spirit, and boundary-breaking identity are sure to leave a lasting legacy on the game and its community.

So suit up, pick your side, and get ready to experience the thrill of Clove’s resurrection abilities and zoning prowess. The future of Valorant is here, and it’s an immortal one.