Valorant China debuts with a unique melee and replay system

The official release of Valorant in China will bring with it a highly-anticipated Replay System, which enables players to... Shubh | 29. June 2023

The official release of Valorant in China will bring with it a highly-anticipated Replay System, which enables players to see a video replay of their gunfights after the game.

Since the release of Valorant, the community has been clamoring for a replay feature, which has been in development for a long time but, for some reason, has not yet been included in Riot’s First Person Shooter. However, the replay system is finally making its way to Valorant after years of wait but only for the Chinese region. 

The official release of VALORANT in China will take place on July 12, 2023, and it will bring a feature that the VALORANT community has been pursuing for years. According to Riot Games’ statement at the Shanghai event, the launch of VALORANT China will be accompanied by an all-new replay system called “Fearless Moment”, which was built by Tencent’s game portal WEGAME. 

Fans all across the world have expressed a desire for the cool feature, but only the Chinese region will be allowed to access it for the time being. In the coming year, however, gamers all over the world may be able to access the in-game replay system in Valorant. Until then, VALORANT gamers outside of China will have to settle for the new features that the shooter’s most recent episode, Episode 7 has added, including a new Sentinel agent named Deadlock and a Team Deathmatch mode.

Valorant China will bring the much-anticipated replay system

The built-in recording, which is arguably the most intriguing new feature, is said to be more focused on social gameplay and clip-sharing. By using an internal playback system instead of a third-party recording tool, gamers can review their errors in any team fight and improve upon them. With the help of this brand-new, highly developed replay and recording system, highlights like kills and deaths and others can be uploaded right away. 

Although it is unlikely to be as in-depth as games like Counter-Strike, where you can replay the entire game from anyone’s perspective, it will provide fans access to extensive analytics that will be a game-changer for any game analyst or even coach. Professional Chinese teams, however, teams won’t be allowed to use the replay system to examine their games at any competition.

The VALORANT server in China will launch with 16 Agents, four maps, and Team Deathmatch accessible and will follow the same patch schedule as the rest of the world. Also, all 36 of the previously released skin sets in the other regions will be accessible in China alongside a special melee variant.

Header: Riot Games