TSM players suffer robbery in LCS

The different leagues in the League of Legends world are in full swing. All teams and players are focused... Eduardo | 19. February 2023

The different leagues in the League of Legends world are in full swing. All teams and players are focused on winning each of their matches, and some thieves have taken advantage of this to wreak havoc.

We are talking specifically about the LCS, where TSM players suffered a robbery while playing their match of the day. But, of course, we all know that this type of situation is out of the hands of the teams themselves, as the organizers should be responsible for providing all the necessary security to each of the participants of the tournament.

TSM has not had the dream start in the LCS

TSM has had a somewhat tough start in the LCS, and we can say that it has come from less to more within the Summoner’s Rift. The famous and most awarded North American organization started this week with a loss against Golden Guardians; however, it took away the undefeated FlyQuest and later crushed Dignitas.

With this, TSM managed to position itself in fourth place in the LCS with a record of five wins and four losses, equal to Guardians. However, the organization could not close the week in the best possible way, but this time it was due to an extra-sports situation.

Solo and Chime had their belongings stripped from them

In the middle of the LCS, Colin “Solo” Earnest and Jonathan “Chime” Pomponio was robbed while TSM was playing their match against Dignitas. According to reports from the players, some unknown persons (thieves) took their personal belongings in the team car while playing against Dignitas.

As we can see, Solo was in charge of giving the news on his Twitter account, and, in addition, he was claiming that his personal belongings were returned.

On the other hand, the other player who also stated that his items had been stolen was Chime, who, through his Twitter account, said:

“To those who broke into the TSM team car can I have my backpack back? I dont care about the cash or peripherals but I have some invaluable in there…”

After these public complaints via Twitter by the players, neither TSM nor the LCS has commented on the matter. However, the players themselves could confirm that they already had some of their belongings in their hands.

The players announce that they got their belongings back

The situation turned out to be a “happy” ending for the TSM guys, i.e., it was just a scare for Solo and Chime. Three hours after this publication, Solo shared that they had recovered some precious items. Solo said:

“Ok, update! The nicest guy came across our backpacks in a parking lot nearby and contacted Chime. So we were able to get some of our belongings back. We still lost some things. But I’m so grateful to Mustafa for helping us recover our items genuinely such a relief.”

It is true that everywhere in the world, some want to take advantage of others. Organizers can avoid these issues by guaranteeing security inside and outside tournament venues.

We hope this situation will not happen again either in the LCS or in any other esports league or tournament. We are very happy that Solo and Chime recovered their most precious items.

Header: TSM | Twitter