pashaBiceps’ chaotic MMA debut

CS:GO legend Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski made his MMA debut, which turned out to be a bit chaotic. pashaBiceps was... Maria | 19. March 2023

CS:GO legend Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski made his MMA debut, which turned out to be a bit chaotic. pashaBiceps was defeated after a guillotine choke.

First official MMA fight

pashaBiceps participated in his first official MMA fight, but it was nothing like what he expected. The former CS:GO player has been defeated by Marcin Dubiel, which translates into pashaBiceps’ first defeat in the octagon. The match between these two athletes lasted one minute and six seconds in the first round.

While Jarząbkowski had already participated in an MMA bout last year, it was not correctly an MMA bout. In 2022, the fight in which the former CS:GO player participated was held under boxing rules.

However, in his MMA debut, he competed without a helmet and barefoot, which means a real MMA bout. But, as a result of this bout pashaBiceps, he was quickly defeated resoundingly by the young rival.

The debut of pashaBiceps was held at The Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland, an extraordinary place for the athlete. Curiously in 2014, in this same Arena pashaBiceps won with his CS:GO team, the Major of Katowice.

pashaBiceps commented that Spodek was his favorite Arena; he wished for a repeat of 2014 and a victory. However, it was not the case this time, and he only found a defeat.

What was pashaBiceps’ MMA debut like?

pashaBiceps looked powerful in the early exchanges with his opponent Dubiel. However, as Dubiel was swinging aimlessly for pashaBiceps, it was challenging to defend himself successfully, so he received a heavy punch in the eye that sent him to the ground.

When pashaBiceps tried to get up from the ground to continue the fight, his opponent Dubiel nimbly caught him with a fierce guillotine choke.

So the referee decided to end the fight after the atrocious situation, and the round lasted only one minute and six seconds.

At the moment Pasha Biceps was on the ground, the whole audience present in the Arena was silent and showed their concern. Fortunately, the former player got up after the fight was over.

In the bout, PashaBiceps had trouble fending off the unbridled aggressiveness of his young opponent despite being about the same weight and height.

Dubiel’s record currently stands at five wins, two draws, and 0 losses; pashaBiceps has one win and one loss on his record.

After the fight pashaBiceps is in perfect health; however, he might take a break before returning to the octagon.

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