TSM announces departure from LCS

TSM’s departure from League of Legends esports in North America is a fact. The end of an era for... Maria | 21. May 2023

TSM’s departure from League of Legends esports in North America is a fact. The end of an era for TSM has been confirmed; the organization says goodbye to the LCS.

TSM announces departure from LCS

TSM’s departure from the LCS is official; the organization has confirmed that it is leaving LoL competitions in North America. A few weeks ago, it was rumored that TSM would leave the LCS. However, nothing is confirmed. But yesterday, May 20, TMS CEO Andy Dinh was responsible for confirming all the rumors.

Andy Dinh has communicated that one of the most emblematic teams of North American esports is saying goodbye to the competitions of that region; as it leaves the LCS.

According to Andy Dinh, it has not been an easy process for the organization. The decision to leave the LCS behind has been a very difficult one. As a result, TSM has decided to take the team to another region. On the other hand, Dinh comments that, although it may seem like a rushed decision to many people, the organization has been working on the transition for three years.

This decision by the organization to move to another region and say goodbye to the LCS comes after TSM parted ways with many members of the North American LoL league management. We are talking about Kristine Huang, the team manager; Walter Wang, the director of operations of TSM; Glen Yang, the general manager; and Wong “Chawy” Xing Lei, the head coach.

Now, with the departure from the LCS and the move to another region, it is very likely that the organization will sell its LCS berth. The sale of TSM’s LCS slot is another rumor that has been floating around for a few months now; this rumor surfaced after the report that TSM would pause some of the esports divisions amid financial problems.

TSM is moving to another region

According to information from reporter Jacob Wolf, TSM is reportedly moving to China’s LoL league, the LPL. According to Jacob Wolf, sources have informed him that TSM has been in talks with LPL officials since late last year.

On the other hand, TSM has reportedly signed Kim “Fenix” Jae-hun, an excellent player to play in the middle lane, and is rumored to have agreed with former Team Heretics player Lee “Ruby” Sol-min to join the team. So it is likely that TSM will continue to compete in the LCS in the Summer Split.

For now, all TSM fans must wait to see the organization’s next moves and if their move from TSM to the Chinese league is confirmed.

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