This is the new Alliance all-female VALORANT roster

The next organisation that joins the female VALORANT scene is Alliance with their Alliance.Coven team. The lineup consists of... | 20. January 2022

The next organisation that joins the female VALORANT scene is Alliance with their Alliance.Coven team. The lineup consists of five female players hailing from four different countries.

Their goal is to really shake up the scene in 2022 and show everyone what they are made of. Alliance has signed a women’s VALORANT team called “Alliance.Coven”. With this, they are following a certain trend; recently, G2 also announced their women’s team.

Alliance’s female roster

Alliance’s all-female VALORANT team is made up by Dana “Danah” Almadhoun, Jade Duffy, Julie “Pinkalie” Lim, Lada “h6tedthemost” Kozhemyakina, Dana “Danah” Almadhoun, Laure “Xaline” MATEOS and. AllianceCoven is a mix of several EMEA players who previously played for the orgless team Chat Banned. Alliance.Coven will play at the VCT Qualifiers, VCT Game Changers in January and VLR France: Revolution Qualifiers with Danah taking on the role of in-game leader. In an interview Xaline said: “To me, Alliance represents family spirit.”

“Alliance seems to want to make great Esports projects happen and support their players throughout, so let’s get involved in this new adventure together” Alliance.Coven lineup led and coached by Nico “Myagus” Gonzalez-Beltran” and Aymeric “Izzy” Ast, respectively.

“Today we take a big leap for Alliance as an organization and fulfill a personal dream of mine by welcoming VALORANT Coven, our first all-women division,” Alliance’s Chief Strategy Officer,Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, said. “Coven is a division with strong female players who represent the values we have built in Alliance for
years. I am especially pleased that we will be represented by players from around the world: Scotland, France, Russia and Qatar.”

Alliance represents men’s and women’s teams

Alliance was founded nine years ago and in the past they put up top teams in various titles such as Smash, League of Legends and also Dota 2. The organization also features an EMEA team plays in the VCT Circuit and Just recently restructured their line-up. “We can’t wait to see these players flourish in the Alliance.Coven jerseys and not only achieve great competitive results, but also work together to take women’s competitions to the next level,” said Ong Xiao Wei. “We want to pave the way for future aspiring female competitors and set a good example for future generations of players.”

Alliance.Coven will participate at the VCT Game Changers, VCT Qualifiers and VRL France: Revolution Qualifiers next month. Alliance’s main team is playing the EMEA Qualifier at the moment and if they win, they earn a spot at the EMEA Stage One event.