The Nation dissolves – Players’ future

With the NA VALORANT Challengers League qualifiers over, we can be sure that one of the most followed teams... Eduardo | 24. January 2023

With the NA VALORANT Challengers League qualifiers over, we can be sure that one of the most followed teams was The Nations. Remember that this team was created by Jake “Stewie2K” Yip weeks before this qualifying tournament.

This lineup was improvised but star-studded, all of which were household names in the VALORANT competitive scene. In both the open and Last Chance qualifiers, The Nation came very close to qualifying for the league but fell short in both Lower Brackets.

With this, the team decided to split up, and the players went their separate ways, but what will happen to these players?


While his makeshift team has met a sad end, Jake “Stewie2K” Yip doesn’t stop his daily routine. After the loss, Stewie thanked his teammates and said:

“The opportunity they gave me to learn in the short time we had was amazing.”

Stewie2K is part of the Evil Geniuses content creation team after retiring from the professional CS:GO roster last year. While this player has not stated his intentions to continue competing, EG could likely open up a spot for him on their expansive 10-player roster.


Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo, a former TSM player, is one such player who, despite being only 19 years old, may hold the record for the shortest free agency period in history. This is because the 19-year-old, after his extraordinary performance in The Nation, announced that he was no longer looking for a team.

The player has yet to reveal his future team, but it is likely to be announced soon, as the VCT LOCK///IN and NA VALORANT Challengers League are just around the corner.


Tanner “TiGG” Spanu took on the role of a main controller in this team created by Stewie2K, both with Brimstone and Viper. But, right now, the player’s future is completely uncertain.

There is no doubt that TiGG had an outstanding performance with The Nation, and with experience in the VCT in the last two years, he is a tasty signing for any team needing a controller.


There is no doubt that Matthew “Wardell” Yu’s case is mind-blowing. At the end of 2020, this player was on the verge of being considered a VALORANT North American legend. His performances with TSM at the FaZe Clan Invitational and First Strike were, without a doubt, spectacular.

However, in 2021 everything went the other way around. The player did not find his best level of play in the VCT, and Wardell, who has not signed with any team for now, has dedicated himself to content creation during 2022.


Finally, Braxton “brax” Pierce’s future may be the least clear now. This player is the first VALORANT player signed by an organization. Right now, his future is uncertain. After two seasons with T1 and then a brief internship with TSM, he did not get the expected results. The player said: “I’m not sure if I will continue playing in Val, but we’ll see ty to support me.”

Header: Joao Ferreira | PGL