Riot Games temporarily cancels LoL Clash mode

We are glad that Riot Games is recovering from the hack it suffered earlier this year, however, League of... Maria | 7. February 2023

We are glad that Riot Games is recovering from the hack it suffered earlier this year, however, League of Legends players are still feeling the effects.

The developer failed to stick to its update schedule, depriving players of important material such as the Ahri revamp. Now that patch 13.3 will be released tomorrow, February 8; everything points to things returning to normal.

However, the developers reveal that some of the most crucial League of Legends systems suffer consequences, with Riot commenting that it cannot host new Clash events until March.

League of Legends won’t have Clash mode until March

Clash mode usually appears in the game at the beginning of each season and then recurs occasionally. But this time, there has not been enough time to carry it out. A circumstance that has caused a significant delay has been related to the company’s hack.

The last time one of the Clash mode tournaments took place was last December, when the specific version for ARAM was held. But we must travel a little further back to discover that the most recent one in Summoner’s Rift took place in mid-October 2022. So, fans of the game have been waiting more than four months for its return.

Clash 3

Credits: Riot Games

Statement by Riot

One of League of Legends’ global public relations managers, Riot Riru, has released a statement to respond to the community and clarify the matter

“Unfortunately, we are still working on understanding the consequences of the social engineering attack on Clash of Clans. Dates, and so there has been no news on this. We have an official clarification planned for the next patch notes in a few days, which is usually the best way to deliver this kind of news. With that said, we hope to be able to get it done by the first weekend in March. Please, this is not 100% confirmed, don’t keep the information to use it against us. We ask you to give us a few more days to work on the arrangements, and I promise we will give you the dates as soon as we can meet them”.

We should keep an eye on the patch notes for the next update; Riot Games will likely suggest some compensation for players. Of course, we are not talking about free League of Legends stuff or Riot Points, but the organization of additional Clash events for a few weeks. After all, players are eager to enjoy the competitive aspect of this game. The company is also thinking about making some tweaks to make the gameplay more attractive.

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