The International 2023 ticket prices ignite community backlash

Following last year’s uproar over ticket prices, The International 2023 has once again left Dota 2 fans in disbelief... Shubh | 20. August 2023

Following last year’s uproar over ticket prices, The International 2023 has once again left Dota 2 fans in disbelief with a staggering $699 price tag for a three-day pass.

The esports world is buzzing with excitement as The International 2023, the pinnacle event of the DOTA 2 calendar, approaches. On August 19, Valve, the driving force behind DOTA 2, unveiled the highly anticipated details about The International 2023. The event is set to feature two significant phases: “The Road to the International” and the main event itself, ensuring a fully immersive experience for attendees. 

However, the fervor has been accompanied by a storm of reactions triggered by the recent revelation of ticket prices. The bombshell price tag of $699, in addition to applicable fees, for a three-day pass left the gaming community in shock, with social media platforms such as Reddit quickly becoming breeding grounds for impassioned debates on the matter. Long-standing fans who have closely followed the evolution of competitive gaming now grapple with the idea of investing such a substantial sum for a mere three-day event. 

The International 2023(TI12) Ticket Price:

Three-Day Pass for The International 2023 Finals

  • Price: A substantial $699 USD plus applicable fees.
  • Coverage: Grants access to all three days of the grand finale at the iconic Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.
  • Incentive: Each three-day pass comes with a bonus Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2023.
  • Availability: Ticket sales commence on August 25

Individual Tickets for The Road to the International Playoffs

  • Price: A comparatively more affordable option at $99 USD per ticket, excluding fees.
  • Coverage: Provides entry to The Road to the International Playoffs, a critical phase of the event that leads to the grand finals.
  • Flexibility: Attendees can choose to purchase tickets for specific days of the Playoffs.
  • Availability: The sale of these individual tickets starts on August 28.

Why Did Valve Raise the Price?

The inescapable question on everyone’s lips is, “Why?” Valve’s decision to increase the ticket price has left many scratching their heads. Could it be attributed to the evolving landscape of competitive gaming and the broader esports ecosystem? Or this is an attempt to make up for lost revenue from the previous year’s absence of live crowds? Some speculate that Valve might be making up for changes in revenue models, like the departure from the Battle Pass system, which was previously a significant source of income for the event.

Gorgc Weighs In: Will Fans Still Bite the Bullet?

Dota 2 livestreamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski chimed in with a pragmatic perspective. He suggested that Valve’s decision ultimately boils down to demand and supply. If people are willing to pay the price, the justification is apparent. “It’s not like it’s bread you know? If bread is expensive, then you know, you riot,” he wittily remarked. Gorgc’s prediction that tickets will sell out rapidly, despite the steep prices, seems to highlight the sentiment that fans are still willing to invest for the chance to experience the magic of The International in person.

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