The BEST Anime and Game Collaborations 2024

2024 has been an incredible year for crossovers between hit anime series and massively popular video games. Fans have... Stalingrad | 13. April 2024

2024 has been an incredible year for crossovers between hit anime series and massively popular video games. Fans have been treated to some dream collaborations that allow them to experience their favorite anime worlds and characters within iconic games. We look at a few of the biggest and best anime/video game pairings of the entire year thus far.


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First things first, the Mobile game PUBG Mobile revealed a partnership with the hit spy anime SPY X FAMILY for its 6th anniversary. In-game characters can wear series staples such as Anya’s pink hair or Yor’s assassin outfit. The crossover also introduces a themed Prize Path with an immediate vehicle skin reward and other SPY X FAMILY prizes to collect.

This genius crossover allows PUBG Mobile players to become undercover operatives themselves as they take on matches using the likenesses of the Forger family spy squad. Having Anya’s telepathic skills would definitely give you a leg up in battle royale! The event continues till May 12–which means you still have time to get all of the exclusive rewards.

Fortnite x One Piece 

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While nothing is confirmed, intense rumors and leaks suggest a Fortnite collaboration with the anime/manga series One Piece is possible. The chance to play as Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nami along with other cherished Straw Hat Pirates in the mega-hit battle royale game has gamers buzzing.

Imagine slamming into Zoro with his Shusui katana or bouncing off Luffy with his Gum Gum powers. Millions of fans worldwide would love a One Piece x Fortnite crossover. Epic Games developers have yet to confirm the collab but hints are that something big is coming very soon.

eFootball x Blue Lock

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The world’s most popular soccer simulation game eFootball (previously Pro Evolution Soccer) kicked off an awesome collaboration with the hit sports anime Blue Lock. Players can add special Blue Lock player cards to their Dream Teams, including Takefusa Kubo and Filippo Inzaghi as log-in bonuses. You can also get your hands on limited Blue Lock team uniforms for your squads.

To promote the crossover, eFootball released an incredible live-action trailer featuring soccer superstars like Marcus Rashford and Sadio Mane channeling the intense spirit of Blue Lock’s elite strikers. Getting to play matches decked out in full Blue Lock gear while summoning the same driven mentality as the anime’s characters is a total kick for fans of the series.

Street Fighter 6 x SPY X FAMILY

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Kicking off 2024 in style, Street Fighter 6 launched a crossover with the hugely popular SPY X FAMILY anime film Code: White. Players can purchase avatar costumes to make their in-game fighter look just like suave spy Loid Forger or deadly assassin Yor Briar. You can even sport their iconic hairstyles during battles!

The Street Fighter 6 x SPY X FAMILY collaboration was a huge hit, with players scooping up all the themed cosmetics, picture frames, stickers, and titles. Having Loid and Yor face off in an intense fight would actually be a pretty epic clash of unstoppable forces. This team-up was an ingenious way to merge the worlds of fighting games and spy anime.

2024 has truly delivered for anime fans who are also gamers with these incredible crossover events. Being able to experience your favorite shows within iconic video games amps up the excitement to maximum levels. Whether you’re rocking Anya’s pink hair in PUBG or summoning your Blue Lock striker focus in eFootball, these collabs create unmissable opportunities for full immersion. Here’s hoping we see even more crossovers of this caliber before the year is out!