Henrieta | 17. August 2022

ORDER goes into voluntary administration — does it mean org’s end?

Today marked a sad day for the Oceanic esports scene, as reports about the end of one of the region’s biggest esports organizations ORDER reached the media. The org reportedly run out of money and went into a voluntary administration just one year after raising $5.3 million AUD in private funding. 

According to a report by The Australian, ORDER filed a declaration with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission on Monday, August. 15. The CEO Marc Edwards followed up by deactivating his social media accounts.

ORDER also reportedly already informed its competitive teams and staff, as well as partners, about the insolvency. The Melbourne-based company is said to be open for buyers, with multiple offers allegedly already on the table. 

Unexpected downfall 

This news comes as a shock to many, as ORDER was one of the biggest and most successful organizations in the oceanic esports scene. Founded in 2017, the org saw a big success, especially with its League of Legends and CS:GO rosters. Only two days prior to entering into voluntary administration, ORDER signed rifler Declan “Vexite” Portelli to the CS:GO squad.

Besides raising $5.3 million AUD in 2021, the organization also received $360,000 from a crowdfunding campaign in 2018. However, the reports say that ORDER has been paying its best players outstandingly high salaries, and is now in debt with its creditors. 

While some ORDER staff members already started seeking new job opportunities, former Head of Events Josh Swift confirmed that the company’s employees will remain employed until the end of the administration.

What’s next for ORDER teams? 

ORDER fielded rosters in multiple esports titles including League of Legends, CS:GO, VALORANT, Fortnite, and FIFA. Right now, the future of these teams is uncertain, with the exception of ORDER’s League team, who will be able to continue their run in the LCO Split 2 at the upcoming Dreamhack Melbourne, the first Australian edition of the international gaming festival. Whether ORDER will compete at ESL Challenger Melbourne at DreamHack is not yet known. 

Following the administration announcement, some ORDER players announced their departure from the organization on Twitter. 

Is this really the end of ORDER? 

In the aftermath of the sudden news, concerns have arisen about what kind of impact will this have on the Australian esports scene and whether it reflects the state of its competitive ecosystems. However, these were dismissed by multiple industry insiders, including ESL Australia’s Graeme Du Toit and Kanga Esports CEO Hayden Sheils.

While the esports community is understandably saddened by the recent development, it’s important to note that its is possible that ORDER will find a new owner who will help the company get back on its feet and continue esports operations. The administration process is meant to save the company, so ORDER fans still have a glint of hope.

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