Jamie | 15. April 2021

Team Liquid Sign Fortnite Streamer “Scoped”

Tyler “Scoped” Appleby, one of Fornite’s brighest young stars, has joined Team Liquid, joining other top players ahead of Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 Season 6. Scoped is best known for his content creation and streaming, having some 1.2 million followers on Twitch and 500,000+ YouTube subscribers.

Scoped had been expected to join an Esports organization for some time, however it was ultimately Team Liquid that snapped up the American. The youngster made a name for himself playing duo tournaments alongside Turner “Tfue” Tenney between 2019 and 2020. However, following the retirement of Tfue from the Fortnite scene, Scoped was forced to turn his attention elsewhere. He is now one of the biggest Fortnite names on Twitch.

What the Switch to Team Liquid Means for Scoped

Having joined Team Liquid, Scoped will compete in major Fortnite events for the first time. He will also be hoping to build upon his success in amateur tournaments, having finished third in the Champion Cash Cup Season 5 Week 7 previously. Scoped scrimmages regularly with a host of fellow players, however he has not been able to find a settled lineup, until now.

It remains to be seen as to which Team Liquid players Scoped will team up with. The org’s Fornite roster is currenty made up by Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie, Josef “Stretch”, Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan, Thales “Pulga” Henrique and Alixxa. Having joined Team Liquid, Scoped will also hope to build upon his significant following.

What Scoped Had to Say Upon His Arrival

Speaking on his arrival at Team Liquid, Scoped stated that “my only really big goal for this year is to try and produce more IRL content and maybe do face-cam streams as well.” The 17-year-old will certainly receive support in producing high quality content, however Liquid have remained tight lipped on exactly what role Scoped will play with them.
Responding to a Tweet from Scoped, Liquid posted: WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!! We have a welcome quest on http://liquidplus.com for Scoped! Complete the missions for a chance to win Fortnite skins and a signed jersey.