Epic announces Fortnite’s Movement-Update with Ninja-Meme

The well-known streamer Ninja has been taken for a ride by Epic Games. The developers have announced the new... Fragster | 19. December 2023

The well-known streamer Ninja has been taken for a ride by Epic Games. The developers have announced the new Movement Update with Ninja’s legendary New Year’s Eve fail. The update is being released today.

The community has been in the developers’ ears for some time now, complaining about Fortnite’s new movement animations, which could be much better. The animations were supposed to be smoother and more detailed, but had the side effect of slowing down the movements considerably. However, this is now set to change. With its latest announcement, Epic Games has announced the long-awaited changes. Since it’s all about movement, it was only natural that the developers unpacked Ninja’s iconic “I’m not seeing enough movement” phrase.

Ninja meme used by Epic for movement update

Yesterday, December 18, it was announced on the Fortnite Twitter account that Epic is currently working on the next patch, but in the meantime there is an update that fans might like. While the developers didn’t mention that there will be changes to movement in the next update, the post was accompanied by the meme of Ninja floshing and saying “I don’t see enough movement” – a clear reference to movement!

Most of you will probably know the meme. It’s about Ninja, who was on a stage in Times Square on a rainy New Year’s Eve 2018, trying to get people in a crowd to “fin”, or dance with him.However, most of the people in Times Square didn’t seem to know Ninja and while Ninja was happily rafting and trying to get people moving, it was pouring down rain and the crowd was clearly not in the mood to dance and move in the rain. So while he was energetically rafting and the crowd was staring at him questioningly, he dropped his infamous line: “I’m not seeing enough movement.”The moment was pretty awkward and caused a few laughs, especially afterwards, but over the years it has developed into a real meme and Ninja will probably be teased with it for a few years to come.

When will the Fortnite update be released?

At the moment, however, we’ll have to wait and see what the movement changes will look like in the next patch and how good the result will be.Epic has already revealed that the patch will speed things up again, keeping the new animations rather than removing them. The new balance and gameplay patch will be released in the game today, December 19, 2023.


covercredit: Twitter @ninja