Talon enters Pokémon UNITE with Philippines-based roster

It has recently been announced that Talon is entering Pokémon UNITE with a Philippines-based roster. A new Philippines-based squad... Maria | 11. April 2023

It has recently been announced that Talon is entering Pokémon UNITE with a Philippines-based roster.

A new Philippines-based squad officially enters Pokémon UNITE; this new squad will represent the jersey of Talon, the esports organization based in Southeast Asia.

New Talon roster to compete in Pokémon UNITE

Talon has unveiled its new roster, which will compete in the Pokémon UNITE (APAC) regional qualifiers in a few days. The qualifiers will take place on April 15 and 16, allowing teams from Asia and the Pacific to compete.

All teams participating in the APAC regionals will fight for a spot in this year’s Pokémon World Championship Series. However, this new squad has different opportunities in April, May, or June to fight for a spot in the world tournament.

Comments on the new Talon organization team

After it was announced that a new squad would be part of the organization, Talon’s CEO made a statement about Pokémon UNITE’s entry into esports.

Talon CEO Sean Zhang has stated that Pokémon esports are very important to many video game fans worldwide. So having a squad that can compete in Pokémon UNITE has caused great excitement for everyone in the organization.

On the other hand, Zhang says that his organization has been known for building winning squads for both MOBA and mobile titles. So the organization wants to provide all that knowledge to novice players so they can build a career as professionals.

In addition, Talon’s CEO said that the organization wants to create a platform where all Pokémon UNITE fans can share their love for the game. The new staff of this esports will be a key factor in achieving this great goal.

About Talon

The esports organization has a wide experience in different titles; it also has templates to compete professionally in different titles, such as the following:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Tekken 7
  • Arena of Valor
  • Street Fighter V
  • Rainbow 6

Now these squads must be annexed to the one competing in Pokémon UNITE.

Since 2017, Talon has had the doors open to its organization offering all fans of different esports an entertainment platform.

Pokémon UNITE

This title debuted a couple of years ago, specifically in 2021. Since its launch, it has garnered a large fan base, especially in Southeast Asia.

So Talon has seen an excellent opportunity to increase its followers in this esports. With the new team, they will fight to qualify for the LAN tournament to be held in August of this year.

For this tournament held in August, teams worldwide will participate, and everyone will want to win the championship title. But that’s not all; they will fight for a share of the $500K prize pool.

Since its debut in 2021, Pokémon UNITE has garnered a big audience, especially in Southeast Asia. As a result, Talon will try to qualify for the Yokohama LAN, to be held in August 2023, to compete in the world championship, the most prominent tournament in the game’s esports scene.

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