Dota 2 – Sumail Eliminates His Brother From TI10

The 2nd competitive day of TI10 is over and the 3rd is about to begin. So far, 6 of... Radu M. | 14. October 2021

The 2nd competitive day of TI10 is over and the 3rd is about to begin. So far, 6 of the 16 teams have been eliminated and Quincy Crew is among them. YawaR, its position 1 player, is Sumail’s lesser-known but highly skilled brother. In yesterday’s battle against OG, his team got crushed even though it had a big advantage in game 1. With this defeat, Quincy Crew finished 9th – 12th and will receive $800,000 in prizes. OG is already guaranteed more than $1 million and will need to beat Team Spirit in its next match.

TI10 Main Event Partial Results

The first two days of The International 10’s Main Event went mostly according to plan. There were a few small surprises here and there, such as Team Spirit’s victory in game 1 against Invictus Gaming or T1’s victory in game 2 against PSG.LGD. But overall, there weren’t too many upsets. But there were two of them.

The biggest one occurred in Secret’s match against OG. Everyone expected Ceb’s team to do well, but they eventually lost in just 2 games. Puppey seemed extremely well prepared to face OG and his drafts were superb. However, OG being OG, they lost in a gracious manner and did not forget their motto: “Win together, lose together…” And that was one of the reasons why they did so well against Quincy Crew in the Lower Bracket.

The 2nd upset occurred in beastcoast’s match against Alliance. The South American team was expected to win, but s4’s crew took a commanding lead right from the start and was already unstoppable by minute 15.

In the Upper Bracket, the 4 winners of the first round were Invictus Gaming, Team Secret, PSG.LGD, and Virtus.pro. In the Lower Bracket, the winners of round 1 were Fnatic, Quincy Crew, Alliance, and Evil Geniuses. In the 2nd round, Spirit defeated Fnatic while OG defeated Quincy Crew. We’ll have to see what happens between T1 and Alliance, as well as Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses. Most likely, T1 and EG will win their matches against these opponents.


Photo credit: Valve