Sentinels, G2, and MIBR Survive In VCT Kickoff

The three teams that finished second in their respective groups will be sent into the Play-ins stage to battle... Owen | 26. February 2024

The three teams that finished second in their respective groups will be sent into the Play-ins stage to battle for the final spot in the Playoffs. Sentinels, G2, and MIBR will play in a three-way bracket with only one team advancing to the next stage.

MIBR Deny Cloud9’s Madrid Dreams

Cloud9 looked good with their new young, promising Duelist, OXY. The North American squad defeated MIBR in the first round but lost to NRG in the winner’s match which is nothing to be ashamed of. However, that loss pushed them down to the lower bracket.

While Cloud9 and NRG were taking all the attention, MIBR powered up since their last meeting with Cloud9 and looked infinitely better in the rematch for the Play-ins spot.

In the first map of the series, Bind, both teams could not be separated as the score was kept tight all the way. Eventually, Cloud9 had an 11-10 lead, but the game ultimately went into overtime. MIBR clinched the first two rounds of overtime to steal the map from Cloud9.

Though the first map was extremely competitive, MIBR showed they were the better team today with their performance in the second map, Ascent. The Brazilian squad posted 7 rounds on their Attacking side on this Defense-heavy map, and converted their lead to a 13-9 victory over Cloud9.

OXY, the newest recruit who has been a crucial factor to Cloud9’s victories, underperformed and finished Ascent with a KD ratio of 8/22. The reason is likely a lack of experience, as the 18-year-old was playing his first elimination match in front of a crowd

Regardless, MIBR displayed a solid performance throughout both maps, and became the first team to qualify for the Play-ins stage..

Sentinels Take Down Aspas

The new Sentinels squad has been hard at work during the off-season, participating in numerous third-party tournaments. TenZ and co. lost their opening series to LOUD, who eventually breezed through the bracket and made it to the Playoffs.

SEN had to eliminate 100Thieves and play against the new superstar roster, Leviatan, for a spot in the Play-ins. Though the roster was newly formed, Leviatan was expected to succeed considering the sheer force the players on the roster provided.

Split was the map choice of Sentinels, and the boys in red quickly showed why. Leviatan could not get anything going on their Attacking side, losing the first half 9-3. Sentinels continued their masterclass performance and ended the game 13-3. 

The LATAM squad could bounce back on their map pick of Breeze, shutting Sentinels down 13-6. Leviatan in-game leader kiNgg led by example and was the MVP of the map, going 17/8 on Viper.

Sentinels proved to be the better team on Bind, showing great team play and individual prowess. The game ended 13-9 in favor of Sentinels, and Sacy’s Skye played a crucial part in the team’s victory.

With this result, Leviatan’s star-studded roster was sent back to the drawing board after a disappointing Group Stage exit. Still, credit must be given to Sentinels, who looked amazing in that match. 

G2 Convert Easy Win Against KRU

The final match of the day featured a rematch between G2 and KRU in the lower bracket. Previously, G2 was responsible for sending KRU to the lower bracket after defeating them in the opening match. Evil Geniuses, fielding an entirely new roster, succeeded its debut by beating G2 2-0 to reach the Playoffs.

KRU were given a few days to prepare for the lower bracket match. In the last meeting, KRU barely lost to G2 after three very close maps. However, they were not able to improve or replicate last week’s performance. 

The North American team easily took KRU’s map pick, Split, thanks to a commanding performance from neT’s Cypher, who won a crucial clutch that kept G2 in the lead. KRU’s star player, keznit, was silent throughout the first map.

On G2’s map choice of Sunset, things looked much better for KRU. Despite running their no-Duelist lineup, keznit’s Chamber could turn up in the second game, giving KRU a 6-3 start on their Attacking side.

After a 7-5 first half, KRU did not have anything going on their Defense, allowing G2 a 8-1 run on their Attack to win the series 13-8. The Chilenas showed some great potential, but couldn’t close the games out resulting in their elimination.

Only one of Sentinels, MIBR, or G2 will make it out of the Play-ins to join NRG, LOUD, and Evil Geniuses in the Playoffs stage and a chance at Masters Madrid.

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