Jamie | 27. November 2020

PUBG Mobile Esports to Have $14 Million Prize Pool for 2021

It has been announced this week that PUBG Mobile Esports will come with a prize pool worth some $14 million in 2021. The news was broken by James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile global at Tencent, on the first day of the Global Championship, with the total prize pool being an increase of $5 million from this year.

The $14 million prize pool will cover all regions active in PUBG Mobile Club Opens (PMCO), Pro Leagues (PMPL), Summer Invitationals and the 2021 Global Championship. Yang had previously announced that a host of new events would take place for the first time in 2021, mainly in the form of PMCO’s and PMPL’s.

What PUBG Mobile Fans Can Expect Next Season

New PUBG mobile events will include PMPLs in CIS, Turkey, Western Europe, Arabia, North America, Latin America and Brazil, while events will continue to take place in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Elsewhere, it has been revealed that PMCO’s will be staged in Africa, Bangladesh, France, Mexico, Nepal, UEA, United Kingdom, Brazil, CIS, Egypt, Europe WC, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, LATAM WC, MENA WC, North America, Pakistan, South Asia, Turkey and other wildcard regions.

Fans can look forward to two PMCO and PMPL seasons next year, with Summer Invitationals being held as usual. However, according to Yang, such events will feature “various exciting events by pro teams.” Meanwhile, the leading PUBG Mobile figure also made it clear that registration for the upcoming PMCO Spring Split would open on January 1, before closing on January 24.

Why PUBG Mobile is Now Available in India

The latest announcement comes off the back of the news that PUBG Mobile had finally been registered in India, with only Android customers being able to take advantage immediately. It should not take long for the game to be made available for iOS users too, with such players having to wait just a matter of days in all likelihood.
Upon its registration, the PUBG Corporation has launched a dedicated Indian subsidiary, with around $100 million having already been set aside for investment into. PUBG Mobile was one of over 100 Chinese apps to have been banned by the Indian government because of security concerns back in September.