Sentinels add Marved to VALORANT lineup

The North American organization, Sentinels, has been in the news in the last days of the VALORANT community. However,... Eduardo | 14. March 2023

The North American organization, Sentinels, has been in the news in the last days of the VALORANT community. However, this is not precisely because of their performance at the VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo 2023. On March 4, Hunter “SicK” Mims was arrested for breaking, leaving a spot in the team’s lineup as sixth man, which Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen will now fill.

SicK’s incident was at a Ferarri dealership, a luxury car brand, where the player argued with one of the site’s employees, and the police had to intervene to calm the waters. Since he was arrested, the player remains behind bars in a local jail, forcing the organization to look for a new sixth player.

Maverd joins Sentinels as the sixth player

As mentioned, Sentinels was forced to look for a sixth man to complete the team’s lineup, and the chosen one was Marved, a former OpTic Gaming player.

Marved was the only player on OpTic’s roster who did not want to sign for any VCT teams. The player claimed at the time that he did not want to do so because he was exhausted and, in addition, he had to move to Los Angeles, something that the player did not contemplate at the time. With this addition, Marved ends his break from the competitive scene after six months.

Now, Marved will be part of the Sentinels lineup for the VCT Americas, where the organization hopes to face the big teams in the region.

Marved was considered one of the world’s best players in the Controller role, as he helped OpTic Gaming win the VCT Reykjavik Master 2022. However, despite this and Riot’s exclusion of OpTic from the VALORANT franchise program, the player stayed on the sidelines and was on a somewhat extended break.

Marved was last seen on an official server under the banner of UNTAMABLE BEASTS alongside Jay “Sinatraa” Won, where the team was trying to secure their place in the VALORANT Challengers League.

Sentinels were in search of a sixth man after the SicK incident

Through Rob Moore, executive director of the Sentinels, they expressed that they were in search of a sixth player for the team. In addition, Moore also indicated that they would do so in an accelerated manner as the VCT Americas is very close to starting. On the other hand, the organization also stated that they were willing to support their players, no matter their difficulties.

The organization will pay SicK’s bail and cover the cost of his family’s travel to reunite with him upon his release. The player has been in jail for more than nine days.

It is important to note that SicK has not been part of the Sentinels lineup since mid-2022. The player had to take a break due to mental health issues. In addition, he is currently suspended by the organization.

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