Phreak: “Laners Don’t Understand How Jungle Works”

One of the most heated topics in the world of League of Legends centers around the gap in understanding... Aleksandar | 30. March 2024

One of the most heated topics in the world of League of Legends centers around the gap in understanding between laners and junglers.

A well-known figure in the community, Phreak, pointed out that the root of many in-game tensions stems from laners not fully grasping the role of the jungle.

This observation sparked a wide range of reactions, discussions, and, unfortunately, further blame games within the community.

The Core Issue

At the heart of the debate is a simple yet complex issue: laners often lack a deep understanding of what it takes to effectively play in the jungle. This lack of knowledge can lead to frustration, misplaced blame, and a toxic game environment. The jungle role, with its unique responsibilities and strategies, remains a mystery to many who mainly play in lanes.

Laners first don’t understand how to play their role, and when they make a mistake, they blame the jungler for not ganking. The jungler has other responsibilities besides ganking, so it’s mostly the laner’s fault for their losing lane.

However, instead of learning from one’s mistakes, too many players will start to blame other team members, so they don’t feel too bad about themselves. While this is totally understandable, psychologically, it’s not really the best thing to do.

Community Reactions

Phreak: “The biggest tension is League is that Laner’s don’t understand Jungle”
byu/RDKi inleagueoflegends

The community’s response to this observation was varied. Some players shared insights into the complexities of the jungle role, while others took the opportunity to highlight similar misunderstandings that junglers might have about laning.

Moreover, the discussion underscored a broader problem in the League community: a lack of comprehensive understanding and empathy between players of different roles.

The Role of Junglers

Laners need to understand that the jungler has too many responsibilities, and they need to give them time. Here are the responsibilities of a jungler:

  1. Farm (this is extremely important),
  2. Ward and watch the minimap to know where everyone is, and to see if the enemy jungler wants to take down objectives,
  3. Gank three lanes,
  4. Save teammates from enemy ganks,
  5. Position themselves correctly around the map,
  6. Outsmart the opponent,
  7. Give kills to the laners so they win the lane.

There are many things that the jungler needs to do, so giving them time by not over-pushing the lane and getting ganked or not fighting your opponent if they’re stronger than you can really help.

What Can Be Done to Fix This Issue?

What can be done to bridge this gap? First and foremost, fostering a culture of learning and curiosity about all roles within the game could greatly reduce tensions.

Educating players about the nuances of each role, not just their preferred positions, could lead to more cohesive teams and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Laners should avoid over-pushing lanes, get in weird positions that will get them killed, ward, patiently wait for the jungler to do their job, and gank the lanes.

Ultimately, the solution lies in communication, education, and an open mind. By taking the time to understand the challenges and strategies of each role, players can develop a more comprehensive understanding of the game as a whole.

This broader perspective can lead to better teamwork, reduced toxicity, and a more positive community for all.

The tension between laners and junglers in League of Legends highlights a larger issue of understanding and empathy within the game.

By addressing this gap with education and communication, the community can work towards a more harmonious and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.