G2 Esports want to change their CS2 coach

Swani joined G2 Esports in January 2023 and it seems that he will leave the organization after BLAST Premier:... Radu M. | 5. December 2023

Swani joined G2 Esports in January 2023 and it seems that he will leave the organization after BLAST Premier: World Final. The decision was announced by him in a recent statement. This comes as no surprise given just how strong G2’s players are and how little has been achieved by the team since August.

Overall, G2’s season doesn’t look that bad. They won the title at IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne, two of the most prestigious events of the year. They also placed 3rd – 4th at Gamers8, BLAST Premier: Spring Final, and IEM Sydney. However, they failed miserably at the Paris Major (12th – 14th), and a bit less miserably at other key events:

  • 5th – 6th at IEM Dallas
  • 9th – 12th at ESL Pro League S17
  • 5th – 8th at ESL Pro League S18
  • 7th – 9th at BLAST Premier Fall Groups

Just hours ago, G2 were completely destroyed by Aurora at CCT 2023 Online Finals #5. This is a no-name team but they still managed to defeat them convincingly: 6 – 13 on Ancient and 2 – 13 on Nuke. This kind of defeat must trigger a massive confidence loss inside the team. How could the mighty G2, who are aspiring to win S-tier tournaments, lose to a rank 25 opponent?

A defeat like this can make you question not just the coach or the IGL, but also the last player who joined. Nexa was added to the roster a short while ago and he’s still trying to integrate. It will likely take months for him to fully understand how G2 like to play and what he’s supposed to do to help. Meanwhile, upsets can happen quite frequently.

We saw what happened in Na’Vi’s case after the roster got massively changed earlier this year. Despite having players like s1mple, they still needed a long time to perfect their playstyle and become competitive.

It’s doubtful that there will be more changes apart from the coach in the immediate future. But if things don’t improve until April – May, either the IGL (HooXi) or nexa will likely get replaced.

Who will be the new coach?

Nobody knows at this point who will be G2’s new coach. All of the big names seem to be taken by other clubs, but perhaps there will be someone who can make a difference and is looking for a contract. There’s also a small chance that G2 will try to steal a team’s coach!

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