DreamHack reveals women’s Rocket League tournament Rocket Clash

Popular esports event organizer DreamHack recently announced a $20,000 women’s Rocket League tournament called Rocket Clash. DreamHack has joined... Eduardo | 12. April 2023

Popular esports event organizer DreamHack recently announced a $20,000 women’s Rocket League tournament called Rocket Clash.

DreamHack has joined many organizations recently with this tournament, showing absolute support for the women’s esports scene. Furthermore, having such an organizer announce a women’s event boosts confidence in the scene, which may help more top-tier organizations decide to dabble in it.

DreamHack Announces Rocket Clash – A Rocket League Women’s Tournament

Through an official announcement on its blog, DreamHack shared all the details of the Rocket League women’s tournament, Rocket Clash, which will be played from May 8 to June 3 and will have a prize pool of $20,000.

After the open qualifiers are played in Europe and North America, the top four teams will battle each other in the live tournament at DreamHack Dallas on June 3, 2023.

All girl gamers who love Rocket League have the opportunity to play in this tournament. However, the female trios will have to register in the open qualifiers in their respective regions to prove their worth and fight to be one of the four trios qualified for the LAN event in Dallas.

Rocket Clash – Details

As mentioned, the Rocket Clash kicks off with open qualifiers in the EU and NA regions, which will be played on May 8 and 9, respectively. These qualifiers will be played online, and the registration process starts next April 13, 2023.

The top teams from each open qualifier will advance to the group stage, played on May 15 in the NA and May 16 in the USA. Finally, the top two female Rocket League trios from each region will battle it out in the playoffs at DreamHack Dallas on June 3.

Below, we will show how the $20,000 Rocket Clash prize pool will be distributed.

  • 1st place – $10,000
  • 2nd place – $5,000
  • 3rd – 4th place – $2,500

As we have mentioned a couple of times, the Rocket Clash playoffs will be played at the popular DreamHack Dallas event. It will be played simultaneously alongside much more top-level competitive esports.


Credits: DreamHack

Other announcements by the RLCS

In addition to announcing the Rocket Clash, the RLCS announced the venues for the next Major to be played in Boston and the World Championship 2023, which will return to Europe, specifically Germany.

The Rocket League competitive scene has grown a lot in recent years, and much of this growth is thanks to the inclusion of major sponsorships from well-known brands such as Ford, 7Eleven, and others. In addition, the various collaborations with luxury brands for skins and tournaments have also helped attract many new players.

Finally, including the women’s Rocket League in such an important event as DreamHack Dallas puts the spotlight on the four trios participating in the tournament.

The community speaks out in favor of the announcement

After DreamHack announced the Rocket Clash on Twitter, many important personalities within the Rocket League scene have shown satisfaction with the news.

The really important thing about all of this is that the female esports scene continues to grow and that we can see both men and women competing at the top level shortly.

Header: DreamHack