Perfect position 3 heroes for Dota 2 patch 7.34d

No doubt, Dota 2 patch 7.34e or perhaps even 7.35 is quickly approaching. IceFrog cannot change the game during... Radu M. | 26. October 2023

No doubt, Dota 2 patch 7.34e or perhaps even 7.35 is quickly approaching. IceFrog cannot change the game during The International, so he’ll probably wait until it ends to release the new patch.

That’s likely to happen around 2 weeks from now. In the meantime, you can still gain a lot of MMR by spamming the most broken heroes of 7.34d. Here are five of the best position 3 heroes of this patch.




Slardar is the king of movement speed, bashes, armor debuffs, stuns, and initiation in general. This hero will cause massive problems to the enemy team, and if you itemize him correctly, he can decrease a target’s armor by 21 just 15-20 minutes into the game. That is absolutely devastating.

If you have cores that deal physical damage, they will kill a target with ease in just several hits. Heroes like Phantom Assassin, Ursa, Templar Assassin, Juggernaut, Troll Warlord, and others absolutely love having Slardar on their team. You blink in, stun, use your ultimate, use your Medallion if you have it, and then attack.

Later on, a Black King Bar guarantees that you cannot get burst during your initiation. In turn, this allows you to play with a lot more confidence and to attack repeatedly for at least 5 seconds. This often results in several bashes that can quickly get an enemy hero killed at the start of the fight.

Some heroes are very hard to kill because they’re both tanky and slippery. That’s where Slardar can work his magic to solve the problem.

In Dota 2, around 17 armor corresponds to 100% HP against physical damage. So by decreasing a target’s armor by 16 at level 6 (if you have the Medallion), you’re effectively reducing its HP by 50%. Instead of fighting against a full HP hero, imagine fighting against a 50% HP hero at all times, even when the target is full HP.

It’s hard to lose skirmishes that way and this allows you to put pressure on tier 1 towers, laners, and junglers. In turn, this creates a lot of space for your carry. If you have a Spectre or a Chaos Knight on your team, he’s going to be very happy.

Ideally, your carry should be able to join skirmishes to get gold and experience. That’s why Spectre is such a great choice in this patch.

Sand King

sand king


Sand King has a win rate of nearly 55% and a pick rate of just 6% at the moment. This means that he’s both strong and undervalued by the Dota 2 community, which makes him the perfect choice.

If you want to spam a hero that will give you easy MMR, SK should be near the top of your list. His abilities make him very difficult to lane against. If the enemy carry is melee and low HP, he can’t even touch the creeps. All you need to do is use Caustic Finale on a few creeps, cast Sand Storm, and then Burrowstrike.

If you have enough mana, you’ll slow your adversary and damage him severely. After that, you can just attack him until he dies or is forced to get out of the lane.

After you buy your first items, you turn into a tank that can easily initiate and deal lots of damage. This gives you a huge advantage against most lineups. In the lower MMR brackets, SK has a win rate of 56%. Very few players know how to counter this hero and entire teams make the mistake of clumping together in big fights.

That allows you to stun 2-3 targets at once, damage them, slow them down, and then let your other cores do the rest.




Abaddon received massive buffs in recent patches, making him even harder to kill and deal with when he charges at you. The secret to this hero is to make him tanky and very mobile.

Items like Blink Dagger or Sange and Yasha are highly recommended. If you buy a Radiance, you will quickly become stronger than your other cores, but that’s a luxury item for an offlaner.

The goal when playing Abaddon is to be as annoying as possible. If you attack a target 4 times, your passive ability, Curse of Avernus, will put a huge debuff on it. This causes everyone on your team to have a bonus of 120 attack speed against that target. The debuff also slows movement speed by 60%, which pretty much guarantees its death.

Abaddon can save allies and remove debuffs using Aphotic Shield. In the laning phase, this ability can also be used offensively.

Abaddon’s Mist Coil further heals an ally for 325 HP. OR it can damage an enemy for the same amount. And the great part about this ability is that it only costs 50 mana and has a cooldown of 6.5 – 5s. This means it can be spammed, allowing you to play in a very aggressive way against the enemy carry.

Spirit Breaker

spirit breaker


Spirit Breaker is one of the tankiest heroes in the game and his initiation is very hard to stop. After he buys a Shadow Blade, this hero is painful to deal with and can stun several enemies multiple times per fight.

Spirit Breaker has a win rate of 52.6% at the moment. His pick rate is above 25%, which shows that the Dota 2 community fully understands just how powerful he can be.

If you ever have allies that love to cast some powerful spell but don’t have a reliable way to stop enemies from teleporting back to base, SB is the perfect solution. He can bash targets in three different ways and it’s very likely that you’ll have at least one available.

Thanks to his Charge of Darkness, SB can travel the map with ease. This makes him the perfect ganker once he reaches level 3.




Axe is a hero that will generally farm well in the laning phase and then get his core items before the 15 minute mark. With just a pair of boots, a Blink Dagger, and Blade Mail, he is one of the most annoying heroes that you can play against. In many ways, he’s similar to Legion Commander. But he can trap multiple targets in team fights.

Axe can be and is often played with a Vanguard. If you go for this build, you’ll become nearly unkillable in the laning phase after the first 6-7 minutes. Until then, the goal is to farm as much as possible without dying and while putting pressure on your opponent.

Many Axe players love cutting the creep wave. This means infiltrating and staying between the tier 1 and tier 2 enemy towers. If you can do that and not get killed, the opponents’ carry hero will go insane because he’ll have the creep wave under his tower at all times. This makes last-hitting a lot harder in the early game.

Later in the game, Axe cannot do much on his own. He depends on his other cores to do the damage, while he keeps key heroes attacking him and damaging themselves.

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