Natus Vincere Are The Winners of PGL Major Copenhagen

When s1mple benched himself more than 6 months ago, everyone assumed that Natus Vincere would crumble immediately after and... Radu M. | 31. March 2024

When s1mple benched himself more than 6 months ago, everyone assumed that Natus Vincere would crumble immediately after and would never win a CS2 tournament until his return.

But at PGL Major Copenhagen, the Ukrainian crew proved that determination, hard work, and a great coach can compensate even for the contribution of the best Counter-Strike player in the history of the game.

Na’Vi’s Victory

Natus Vincere had a rough time in the second stage of the tournament. They did not have to play in the first but to advance to the playoffs, they needed three victories in the second. After getting two victories in their first two matches, the mission looked easy. But after that came two defeats. One against Team Spirit and one against Cloud9

Each time, Na’Vi fought hard but ended up losing 1 – 2. What’s worse, they lost most maps at terrible scores, clearly showing that they had severe weaknesses in their game.

Thanks to a victory in the 5th match against the Brazilians from paiN Gaming, Na’Vi qualified for the playoffs, where they had to beat Eternal Fire, G2 Esports, and FaZe Clan to win the title.

Each of these opponents tested them severely. Eternal Fire had destroyed a lot of strong teams in the first two stages and Na’Vi came close to getting defeated. On the first map, after winning the first half 3 – 9, the Turks made a comeback in the second half and forced overtime. Na’Vi eventually won 13 – 16. The second map ended 9 – 13.

Against G2, the match was just as dramatic. The first map was won by Na’Vi in overtime (16 – 13) and the second map was lost badly: 7 – 13 on Nuke. On the third map, Na’Vi had a big advantage but were nearly forced to play another overtime. Luckily for them, they won 13 – 11, right before G2 would have completed their epic comeback.

In the Grand Final, karrigan looked determined to win and he certainly had a roster capable of winning. Na’Vi won on Ancient 9 – 13, despite playing on FaZe’s map pick. But then they were destroyed on Mirage, 13 – 2. On Inferno, the Ukrainians proved to be in great shape and won the first half 3 – 9. After that, they quickly won the map 3 – 13.

For iM, this was his second consecutive Grand Final at a CS Major. But this time, he finally won. For most of Na’Vi’s players, this was their first Major victory in their career.

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