Patch 6.10: Valorant to add spray wheel in next update

The Valorant PBE patch 6.10 is out now with an in-game Spray Wheel, Fast Spray key bind, and minor... Shubh | 15. May 2023

The Valorant PBE patch 6.10 is out now with an in-game Spray Wheel, Fast Spray key bind, and minor adjustments to popular Agents.

Riot Games just revealed the all-new spray wheel feature that will be included in the game with Patch 6.10. At first, Valorant’s new spray feature appears quite similar to CS: GO’s spray feature, which has been in existence for quite a while. However, the spray function in CS:GO only allows players to select one of the three pre-selected sprays at any point during a battle, but the spray option in Valorant allows them to select a total of four sprays, according to a teaser video shared by Riot.

As a result of the new feature, players will be able to carry around several sprays and employ them anywhere they see fit on the battlefield. Valorant fans have already had a preview of the new Spray Wheel, which is scheduled to appear in the game’s upcoming update. Moreover, players will be able to use a search bar to sift through their sprays. The fact that Valorant does not place a time limit on how long a player may use a particular spray makes it even more intriguing because players can keep using the spray as they put it into the wheel.

Many in the community are speculating that Valorant may soon get emotes now that the game finally has a Spray Wheel. Fans are expecting that the spray wheel will be updated to include emotes, like the one in League of Legends, another popular title by Riot Games. Furthermore, the Brimstone targeting reticles that were causing the Agent to deploy smokes and Orbital Strike incorrectly will be fixed, according to the early patch notes, but there won’t be any other significant changes to the game. Here are all the Agent updates coming with Valorant Patch 6.10

Agent updates: 

  • The Orbital Strike (X) and Sky Smoke (E) targeting reticles of Brimstone have been scaled back to their previous sizes.
  • There is no longer a mouse cursor visible on Omen’s From the Shadows (X), Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E), and Orbital Strike (X).
  • The in-game portrait of Fade has been adjusted to enhance gaming readability and quality.
  • Harbor’s in-game portrait has been adjusted for better readability and consistency in quality throughout the gameplay.
  • New Reyna Voiceover Lines have also been added, and several other Agent portraits have also received higher resolution updates.

Header: Riot Games