Oxygen sours yay’s debut with Disguised

There is no doubt that last Thursday, all eyes were on the VALORANT team of the popular content creator,... Eduardo | 21. April 2023

There is no doubt that last Thursday, all eyes were on the VALORANT team of the popular content creator, Disguised Toast, as we would have the debut of Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker. However, the team was not counting on a phenomenal Oxygen Esports who, with impressive collective play, managed to take the 2-0 victory.

While this is the first game for both yay and Michael “nerve” Yerrow with Disguised, this was not the debut they were hoping for, let alone the team. So now, the team has to prepare in the best way possible, correct the mistakes and wipe the slate clean for the rest of the VCL NA Split 2 group stage.

Oxygen ruins yay’s debut with Disguised

Last Thursday, April 20, yay, one of the best VALORANT players in the world made his debut with Disguised in the VALORANT Challengers League: NA Split 2. However, not everything went as the team expected, and they were crushed by Oxygen with a score of 2-0.

There is no doubt that the signing of yay for this Challengers team is quite a challenge, and, of course, it is a big step for Disguised. All the VALORANT community’s spotlight was completely focused on this match, as it was yay’s return to the pro scene after more than a month in free agency and knowing all the problems with Cloud9.

However, we should remember that both yay and nerve have been part of Disguised’s lineup for a few days. As a result, the practice time may not have been ideal, while Oxygen Esports has kept its core very solid throughout the VCL. In addition, Oxygen has proven to be one of the best teams in the league.

Yay showed some flashes of his level

Undoubtedly, fans of the team, the player, and the VALORANT competitive scene were completely expectant about how yay’s return would be. During the two maps played, the player showed some flashes of his extraordinary level, which he exhibited when he played for OpTic and Envy in the top tier. However, Oxygen played a perfect game and neutralized him during the whole series.

The expectations of fans and team owner Disguised Toast were extremely high with the addition of this pair of players. However, the team continues to struggle despite having yay in their lineup. And this becomes the team’s fifth loss in a row, considering the Split 1 and Mid-Season Face-Off games.

Game Recap

It all started in Haven, where Oxygen stood up and gave a real lesson in collective play to take an extraordinary and crushing 13-6 victory. Moreover, the first blow was struck in the first half, as Disguised was down 2-10. Although they could win four rounds in the change of sides, this was not enough, and they were crushed.

We move to the second map, Pearl, where they, Disguised, and yay, managed to wake up momentarily. Undoubtedly, the team put up much more of a fight, and at times, they could have won. However, Oxygen again showed excellent team plays in Overtime to take the win by 15-13.

Yay didn’t have the return to the competitive scene they dreamed of, as their KDA was 28/36/8. Oxygen made a hell of a comeback for “El Diablo,” even if it was on the Challengers scene.

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