Overwatch League for Eastern Region postponed

The Overwatch League for the eastern region had to be postponed by 2 weeks because more people have been... | 23. April 2022

The Overwatch League for the eastern region had to be postponed by 2 weeks because more people have been infected with the corona virus again. For the western region, however, nothing changes in terms of schedule. The matches for the eastern region will now start on May 20.

As before, Corona still has a firm grip on Esports. Recently, the Overwatch League announced via video that something has changed for the Eastern region. The originally planned start of the 2022 season has been postponed by two weeks. The reason for this is the rising Corona numbers.

Matches postponed for 14 days

Although the Corona situation is no longer so tense everywhere in the world, there are still countries where the situation is dicey. Especially in the East, the Corona Falls are on the rise again, which of course has direct consequences on Esports and upcoming tournaments. This time it affects the Overwatch League for the eastern region.

All matches in the Eastern Region have now been moved to May 20. Nevertheless, the matches will still be played on 2 weekends and not put on one weekend – which would have also become very stressful. However, the match schedule remains unchanged apart from the first few weeks, so there should be little disruption from now on.

The good thing is that nothing will change for the teams or the players, except that the tournament will be moved back. As always, though, things may still change. If the Corona infections continue to rise, it may well be that the tournament will be postponed again to a later date. It’s rather unlikely that it will be canceled altogether, but as we’ve learned in our time with the pandemic, nothing is impossible.

Drops on Youtube Gaming

Sean Mills, the head of the league has issued the following statement regarding the situation, “Given the rapidly changing COVID conditions, we are investigating the best options for global competitions this year with the goal of returning to LAN events. Depending on what’s possible, safety and fair competition will always remain our top priorities while we try to build the most exciting thing we can.”

Sean Mills also stated that there will be drops on YouTube Gaming again this season, including OWL Skins, Sprays, OWL Tokens and Double Tokens. For more information on the drops, visit the OWL website. Meanwhile, The League In The West announced that the Kickoff Clash will be held in Dallas and the Summer Showdown will be held in Canada, Toronto. This is the first time an OWL event will be held live in Canada. On May 5th the next Overwatch League Season will kick off.