Daria Belous | 15. August 2022

True Sight trailer and release date revealed, initiate community backlash

During yesterday’s finale of the Dota 2 Major Arlington 2022, Valve announced the dates for the new True Sight, an iconic documentary about The International championship series. However, fans are not as excited because the project’s production took more than expected.

True Sight documentary is focused mostly on the Grand Finals of The International and tells a story about teams’ path to victory with live footage from the event, the comments of the players and in-game animations. The first episode of the series was released five years ago and Valve release the film after each TI since 2017. 

New True Sight will be a “Cinderella’s fairytale” of Team Spirit who raised the Aegis of Immortal on the latest competition. Pretty much nobody expected this squad to advance to the finals and they managed to surprise everyone who followed the tournament. The release date is set for September 24, 2022, so in a month we will see the premier. Along with the date, Valve also released a trailer, which shows pieces of the preparation process of Team Spirit and PSG.LGD, as well as iconic gameplay moments for Magnus, performed by Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov.

While one part of the community seems to be excited about the release, the other one is slightly disappointed as Valve was producing the documentary for almost a year, which is quite too much for a video with an hour and a half-length, especially when the main footage was done in sync with TI10. Moreover, the next TI11 is right behind the corner so the new True Sight will be released only a few weeks before another big Dota 2 event. 

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One point is that Valve simply didn’t manage to do things in time, as in May-June 2022 the company was still looking for Video Editors and the job positions were dedicated to working on the documentary series in different languages. The second point is that such late release is considered to be also a promotion campaign for the game, however, that doesn’t seem logical as the timing is not right for such a marketing move. 

For example, Vitalii “v1lat” Volochai, Dota 2 caster and co-founder of a Maincast broadcast studio expressed in his Telegram channel: 

To be fair? Watching True Sight a year after the final is simply nonsense. Seriously. Does anyone still remember what was there, how it was and what it was for? I understand that the issue about the Bucharest final will be a kind of advertisement for this International, but damn, too much time has passed for it to be relevant.

Although trying to advertise your game in this way is at least something. However there are only 2 months prior to TI or even less, and there is almost no information about whether there will be a compendium, and if not, what will be the prize pool, and other following questions.

To conclude, many questions appear to Valve in turn to such a late release of the documentary, and, as v1lat said, we have no information about Compendium for T11, which is the main source of income for the tournament’s prize pool. The community waits for responses, however, we know how Valve deals (or not) with the complaints. 

Header credit: Valve