Overwatch – Construction rules revealed ahead of 2022 season

Fans are still awaiting the Overwatch League 2021 playoffs. However, organizers are already looking ahead to the 2022 season,... | 22. September 2021

Fans are still awaiting the Overwatch League 2021 playoffs. However, organizers are already looking ahead to the 2022 season, with the league having announced its new roster construction rules this week. The new season is expected to get underway in April next year, played on an early version of Overwatch 2.

There are some key dates to look out for, with anticipation being high ahead of the “rosterpocalypse”. While there are not as many changes as many predicted, there are still a number of important numbers to consider, as the league shifts to a 5v5 format. Teams involved must have at least six registered players, one less than was required in 2021. Meanwhile, 12 players will remain the maximum roster size in 2022.

What are the main rule changes for 2022?

The Overwatch League has ensured that players are paid a salary of at least $50,000 over the past four years. This amount has been increased slightly to $50,700, based on global inflation rates and the cost of living. Many rules have been kept the same, including that season-long contracts must last at least one season. Contracts must also “include a unilateral team option”, making it possible to extend for another season. This is to give organizations time to make a decision, before the player becomes a free agent.

Despite this rule having been kept in place, teams will still be in a position to agree to hire players on a 30-day contract. However, this is only allowed when the team already meets the minimum roster requirement of six players. Such rulings are very unlikely to impact many teams, given the fact that Overwatch Contenders Academy teams are no more. Players will be able to play in both the Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders.

When will we see the confirmed rosters for the 2022 Overwatch League season?

Overwatch League teams will be able to start making trades on September 26, just one day after the 2021 Overwatch Grand Finals. We are likely to see a large number of moves during the off season, which has already been dubbed “rosterpocalypse”. Teams have between October 2nd to October 9th to extend deals for their existing players, before they become free agents on October 10.

Finally, teams must ensure that they already have five of the minimum six players signed to thier teams by January 3rd next year, before completing their line ups by March 1. We are excited to see what the Overwatch League 2022 rosters will look like.