Ohnepixel receives a gift of $130,000 on his stream

We all know that the market for skins, specifically cases, is getting bigger and bigger, and we can see... Eduardo | 3. July 2023

We all know that the market for skins, specifically cases, is getting bigger and bigger, and we can see high prices. In addition, the announcement of the arrival of the new CS2 has revalued many skins in the market because, with the Source 2 engine, the weapons look amazing.

Speaking of CS:GO skins and cases, ohnepixel, one of the most important content creators in the CS:GO community, received a gift from a fan of different cases worth $130K. Let’s remember that ohnepixel is one of these personalities who spends a lot of time in his streams doing skins exchanges or opening CS:GO cases.

In addition, right now, all those players who have in their possession old cases, that is, those that were practically insignificant 7-8 years ago, let me tell you that you have gold and the good stuff in your hands.

Onhepixel receives a gift valued at approximately $130K

In one of his latest streams, ohnepixel received a gift valued at almost $130K worth of CS:GO cases. As we observe in the video below, neither the fans nor ohnepixel himself could believe what had happened.

On the other hand, we can see how practically all the cases that were given to ohnepixel were from old collections, those that at the time were worth, at most, $15. However, at the moment, because of the Steam market, these cases have a much higher cost, so it is something completely unprecedented.

As we see in the message sent by the collector who gave the gift to ohnepixel, this is simply because he “didn’t want” to keep them.

As we mentioned, the CS:GO skins market is getting hotter and hotter. Moreover, with the recent wave of bans by Valve on many accounts, some rare skins that have a lot of value on the market are slowly being “removed” for good. That is why some collectors decide to get out of them before seeing how much money goes practically to the trash.

Combining all this with different skins like the AWP Dragon Lore and the Kato 2014 Titan Holo that are practically impossible to get makes all CS:GO cases much more expensive than before.

Among all the cases of ohnepixel received in this giveaway are two Kato 2014 Titan Holo, valued at $20K each. In addition, we also observed many Bravo Operation cases that have costs between $60 and $70 each.

Ohnepixel will open the cases next Friday.

After finishing its stream, ohnepixel posted a Tweet announcing that it will open all cases in a live stream next Friday, July 7, 2023, at 08:00 PM CEST.

Undoubtedly, ohnepixel can double and even triple this amount if he gets the most expensive skins from these cases. However, there is also a high probability that he will get low-value skins and thus lose some money.

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