New EA Sports FC trailer revealed

We are very close to the end of an era. What we have called FIFA throughout our lives in... Eduardo | 11. July 2023

We are very close to the end of an era. What we have called FIFA throughout our lives in terms of the various soccer simulation games developed and published by EA Sports will end with the commercial license at the end of 2023. As a result, in September, we will launch a “new game” that will replace this popular FIFA saga, EA Sports FC.

There is no doubt that EA Sports has to hit the nail on the head in this new foray, as it will be the first time they will launch a game without the FIFA commercial license in several decades.

Why the name change?

For those who don’t know, there are several reasons for this name change. However, the main reason is the large sum of money that FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, was asking for. The international soccer regulatory body did not reach an agreement with EA Sports so that it could continue to use its name in video games.

As a result, the CEO of the developers of our beloved soccer simulation game said:

“What we get from FIFA in a year without a World Cup is the four letters on the front of the box, in a world where most people don’t even see the box anymore because they buy the game digitally.”

New EA Sports FC trailer revealed

In the last few hours, EA released a new EA Sports FC trailer, where we have finally seen some of the new mechanics the new game will bring. In addition, the top exponents of world soccer are the game’s protagonists.

There is no doubt that the name change is a great challenge for EA Sports since it will be very difficult to erase the name FIFA from the minds and hearts of all fans. Although it will be the same developers and, of course, the same game mechanics, there is no doubt that it will be somewhat complicated for EA to make fans associate the new name EA Sports FC with the usual soccer simulation game.

Moreover, the FIFA name’s impact is enormous, reaching far beyond casual gamers and consoles. Recall that many official competitions are organized under the FIFA name, and, in addition, there are many online bets regarding this video game.

As a result, EA’s main objective is to have EA Sports FC fill the gap they will leave by taking the FIFA name out of their video games. In addition, this will need to be established over time, and there is no doubt that EA can achieve this if the game succeeds.

What does EA Sports gain by being successful with EA Sports FC?

First, EA Sports FC could be a huge success without having a name as popular as FIFA as a backing. As a result, they would have “free reign” in different competitions that were previously completely regulated by FIFA.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that the money earmarked for the Commercial License will be used for better development, constant updates, and a lot of content for the new game.

Likewise, it is important to mention that EA Sports FC has the licenses of all the important soccer leagues in the world and, of course, all the clubs that form it. As a result, we will have the name of all the original teams and players, in addition to the leagues and cups except for the World Cup.

There is no doubt that this makes the game attractive and, of course, keeps the large community of gamers who, so far, are FIFA lovers.

As mentioned, as of September 2023, EA Sports FC will take over a new era of simulation sports video games without the official FIFA sponsorship.

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