Monte and B8 players will not allowed to leave Ukraine

In the last few hours, a report showed that the Monte Esports and B8 players can no longer leave... Eduardo | 6. June 2023

In the last few hours, a report showed that the Monte Esports and B8 players can no longer leave Ukraine to play international tournaments. This is a result of the government measures in the country since Russia began its invasion in February 2022.

The Russian invasion affected the Ukrainian population on all fronts, as not even traditional sports and esports athletes could represent their country in international events. Recall that the country’s president, Volodymir Zelenski, ruled that all male citizens between 18-60 years old cannot leave Ukraine in “wartime.”

Monte and B8 Esports players included in the Ukrainian government’s list of violators

According to a report by Escore News, Monte players Serghij “DemQQ” Demchenko, Volodymyr “Woro2k” Veletnjuk, and Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev and four of the five B8 Esports players were included in a list of violators published by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

This is due to the players’ failure to return to the country in May within the stipulated time, which resulted in a breach of the travel policy in Ukraine due to the ongoing Russian invasion.

As mentioned, in Ukraine, all men between 18-60 are not allowed to travel outside the country, as it is “wartime.”. However, the Ukrainian government grants some exceptions to traditional sports or esports athletes.

Indefinite travel ban period

Right now, it is unclear exactly how long it will take for Monte and B8 Esports players to be able to travel outside of Ukraine. Furthermore, this announcement comes hours after Monte announced that sdy would not play in the team’s upcoming international tournaments, claiming that the player wants to take a break from the competitive scene.

However, the same report by Escore News highlights that Monte Esports has already contacted government agencies regarding the situation of DemQQ, Woro2K, and sdy. Monte said the players did not return to Ukraine in the stipulated time because they qualified for the Paris Major in April and had to play in France in May.

Moreover, let’s recall that Monte started their Paris Major journey from the Challengers Stage, i.e., from the tournament’s first stage, and qualified for the quarterfinals. As a result, they are now among the TOP 10 best CS:GO teams in the world, according to HLTV.

On the other hand, both Monte and B8 players were ousted from the Ukrainian national team that will play the $100,000 event, IESF World Esports Championship, played in August 2023.

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