Minecraft movie with Jason Momoa in the works

A Minecraft movie from Warner Bros. Pictures starring Jason Momoa is in the works after several postponements. However, it... | 19. April 2022

A Minecraft movie from Warner Bros. Pictures starring Jason Momoa is in the works after several postponements. However, it looks like the film is now starting to take shape. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Minecraft movie.

According to rumors, Warner Bros. Pictures is in “final negotiations” with actor Jason Momoa to star in a live-action Minecraft movie. For the actor, it would be his third franchise at Warner Bros. after Aquaman and, most recently, Dune. The film will be directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) and based on Mojang Studios’ successful sandbox game.

Minecraft movie is finally being produced

Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Minecraft movie off the ground for a long time. Since 2014, the film has changed creative teams several times. It was even supposed to be released this year before the studio pulled it from its release schedule. Hess is only the latest director to direct the film, after Rob McElhenney (Mythic Quest) and Shawn Levy (Free Guy, The Adam Project) were set to handle the project for the studio before him.

In 2019, when Peter Sollett was attached to write and direct, the story was supposed to be about a girl and some adventure adventurers who, after the malevolent Ender dragonr. However, it may well be that the plot for the movie has been changed again in the three years, as the creative teams have been changed once again.

Games in film adaptation

Minecraft is a game that needs no introduction. Its popularity comes from the fact that its blocky graphics and sandbox survival gameplay are accessible to players of all ages, and the game’s lifespan has been extended and extended by constant updates from Mojang and a creative modder scene.

Whether you’re trying to build a base and collect pets, play mini-games with friends, or just find the fastest way to the Ender Dragon, there’s always something to do in Minecraft. Turning video games into movies or series is becoming increasingly popular.

Because of the already existing fanbase, the creators of the movie can be sure that the movie will be watched – whether it will actually be successful or not is another question again, but most fans will be curious enough to watch the movie. If you cast the whole thing with a Hollywood star like Jason Momoa, who in turn has his own fan base that will also watch the film, then the box office hit is as good as guaranteed.