Malr1ne Crowned As The BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 MVP

After Team Falcons swept Team Liquid in the Grand Final of BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024, the team’s prodigal Mid... Owen | 17. February 2024

After Team Falcons swept Team Liquid in the Grand Final of BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024, the team’s prodigal Mid Laner, Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak, was awarded the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. An incredible achievement for the 19-year-old.

BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 was only Malr1ne’s second LAN tournament, the first being ESL One Kuala Lumpur, where the Falcons finished 5th to 6th place. In professional Dota 2, stage and LAN experience is crucial, as many pubstars have failed to perform when under pressure. It turns out that stuff like this doesn’t apply to Malr1ne, who displayed dominant performances throughout the event. 

Thanks to his impeccable performance throughout the two-week event, Malr1ne was congratulated with the MVP award. During the post-championship interview, he admitted that the team could still play better, and they aren’t in peak form yet. The Russian Mid Laner also said he couldn’t keep the MVP medal, as he wanted to reward it to his coach, Aui_2000, instead. 

Malr1ne was among the highest-performing players in the million-dollar tournament, ending with an average KDA of 6.51. His most-played heroes in Dubai were Puck, Dragon Knight, and Pangolier. 

Malr1ne also participated in the BetBoom DACHA Dubai 1v1 tournament but unfortunately lost to Team Liquid’s Nisha in a Best-of-1, who eventually won the event. Still, Malr1ne proved to be the most capable Mid Laner in the actual tournament, especially on his signature Puck.

By playing dozens of pubs daily, Malr1ne has also developed an incredibly wide hero pool, an amazing asset in professional play. Team Falcons could secure their Grand Final spot against the BetBoom Team thanks to a 24th pick Huskar for Malr1ne, who pretty much solo carried the game.

Fans were not too happy with Malr1ne during the early stages of the tournament, as he is known to be a “bad-mannered” player who often tips his opponents and drops lines in all chat. He especially enjoyed BM-ing Chinese Mid Laners such as Azure Ray’s Ori and Xtreme Gaming’s Xm. He would occasionally drop Russian smiley faces in all chat after killing his counterparts.

Though some spicy tips and all chats help make games more entertaining for viewers, some fans didn’t enjoy when Malr1ne did it since he has yet to achieve anything in his professional career. Being bad-mannered can be quite annoying, but at least Malr1ne could have the last laugh as he walked the talk and won the event. 

During a tournament interview, Potorak revealed that he looked up to two Mid Laners: OG’s bzm and the BetBoom Team’s gpk. He learned a lot about the role by watching their replays to understand what they were doing better.