Radu M. | 25. September 2020

LoL 2020 World Championship Play-In Stage Preview

LoL 2020 World Championship or simply Worlds 2020 is the most anticipated League of Legends event of the year. And probably more than in any other season, this tournament can give people joy and hope for the future, because this year’s been rough. The global crisis we’re currently experiencing has all but ruined the whole of esports.

LoL 2020 World Championship Play-In Stage Details

The Play-In Stage of Worlds 2020 is scheduled to take place between September 25th – 28th (first round), and September 29th – 30th (second round). It features 10 teams and 4 of them will advance to the Group Stage. Two of these teams will be the winners of each Play-In group (5 teams per group) and two of them will be the winners of the Play-In Round 2. In Round 1, every match is Bo1. In Round 2, every match is Bo5.

Play-In Participants

The participants of the Play-In Stage of Worlds 2020 are the following:

Group A

  • INTZ
  • Legacy Esports
  • MAD Lions
  • SuperMassive Esports
  • Team Liquid

Group B

  • LGD Gaming
  • PSG Talon
  • Rainbow7
  • Unicorns Of Love
  • V3 Esports

In Group A, the big favorites are MAD Lions and Team Liquid. One of them will almost certainly win the group. The other is almost guaranteed to win the Play-In Round 2. It’s hard to say how strong the other competitors are, because their leagues and regions are much weaker compared to Europe and North America. But we might see some upsets along the way. The odds of that happening are small though.

In Group B, LGD Gaming should reign supreme. Everything else is up for Grabs. Unicorns Of Love seems to be the most likely candidate for the 2nd place. But it all depends on preparation and how the different regional metas will work when challenged by the others.

Photo credit: Riot Games