LoL 14.4 Patch Notes: Release Date and New Updates

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement for the upcoming LoL 14.4 Patch Notes, set to drop on February... Aleksandar | 9. February 2024

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement for the upcoming LoL 14.4 Patch Notes, set to drop on February 22, 2024. This update is all about tweaking the game to make it more balanced and fun. 

It’s going to bring fresh changes to champions, items, and maybe even some cool new skins. Everyone’s super eager to see how these updates will mix things up, making the game more thrilling and fair for all.

Champion Adjustments Overview

The LoL 14.4 Patch Notes are rolling out with some major tweaks to our favorite champions. Let’s dive into the notable changes for Rek’Sai, K’Sante, Bard, and Zac. These updates are all about fine-tuning their abilities and stats to keep the playing field even.


Bard - new updates in patch 14.4

  • Stat Modifications:
    • Armor progression: From 5.2 down to 5.
    • Initial Attack Speed Ratio: Enhanced from 0.625 to 0.658.
  • Skill Tweaks:
    • Meep Strikes (Passive): Damage adjustment from 35 + 14 (every 5 Chimes) to 35 + 10, with AP scaling up from 30% to 40%.
    • Cosmic Binding (Q): Damage shifts from 80-260 to 80-240, with an AP scaling increase from 65% to 80%.


  • Base Enhancements:
    • Health at the start: Enhanced from 570 to 610.
  • Ability Adjustments:
    • Path Maker (W): Resistance scaling up from 50% to 60%, with a longer All Out preparation time, adjusted from 0.5s to 0.75s.
    • Footwork (E): Adjustments in dash speed for different targets, with significant reductions to pace.


  • Fundamental Stats:
    • Health Growth and Regeneration: Revised for better durability and reduced regeneration.
    • Movement Speed: Increment from 335 to 340.
  • Ability Revisions:
    • Various adjustments across abilities to modify damage types, increase efficiency, and tweak cooldowns, notably enhancing her versatility and combat dynamics.



  • Ability Update:
    • Stretching Strikes: Adjusted tether range for improved gameplay balance.

Strategic Item Enhancements in LoL Patch 14.4

Diving into LoL Patch 14.4 unveils strategic item enhancements to revolutionize gameplay dynamics. These updates promise to fine-tune the balance and introduce fresh tactics for players to master and exploit on the battlefield.

World Atlas & Runic Compass

Adjustments to recharge and gold accumulation intervals signal a strategic shift, pushing players towards more thoughtful resource management.

  • Quest initiation delay is now 20 seconds, up from 18.
  • Runic Compass’s gold accrual rate was modified to 4 seconds from 5.

Bounty of Worlds

This essential item sees a significant boost in support capabilities, doubling health benefits to 200 and enhancing both health and mana regeneration by 25%.


To harmonize the playing field, the amplification from ranged attacks has been slightly reduced to 5%, ensuring fair play and combat effectiveness.

Solstice Sleigh

A pivotal change in movement speed dynamics to 30% from a static 90, along with a healing modification to 7% of the target’s HP, reflects a nuanced approach to battle recovery.

Zakzak’s Realmspike

With a base damage reduction to 20 and an increase in AP ratio to 20%, alongside a health damage boost to 4%, this item’s cooldown now scales more efficiently, promoting strategic use in various phases of the game.

Black Cleaver

The armor shred mechanism is refined, increasing the per-stack effect to 5% and reducing the stack count to 5 for a sleeker, more impactful use.


This item undergoes a notable revision in its stack system and resistances, encouraging a more aggressive playstyle with a heightened focus on penetration efficiency.

Supporting the Supports

Lux - support champ in lol

Support players, rejoice! The LoL 14.4 Patch Notes are bringing a keen focus to support items. Adjustments here aim to ensure support roles feel both rewarding and balanced. 

Whether it’s tweaking existing items or introducing new mechanics, the updates strive to enhance the strategic depth of support gameplay. This means more fun and impactful ways to assist your team to victory!

Skin Releases and Cosmetic Updates

Who doesn’t love new skins? The LoL 14.4 Patch Notes are also set to introduce some eye-catching cosmetic updates, including the anticipated Porcelain skins collection. 

These skins are not just about looking fabulous (which they totally do) but also about bringing a fresh vibe to your favorite champions. Get ready to game in style in this new patch!

Server Update and Patch Implementation Details

Finally, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of when and how these updates will hit your game. The rollout will start with the Oceanic servers, with other regions to follow. 

Expect to see these changes come to life on your server throughout the day on February 22. Keep an eye out for specific timings in your region, and prepare for a brief downtime as the new patch goes live.