LCS: FlyQuest’s perfect run halted by TSM

Until yesterday, FlyQuest showcased a perfect LCS run without a single loss. Since TSM are in the lowers parts... Fragster | 17. February 2023

Until yesterday, FlyQuest showcased a perfect LCS run without a single loss. Since TSM are in the lowers parts of the leaderboard, the result of the match against TSM was all the more surprising. 

One would have expected FlyQuest to win again. After taking players from the LCK, it’s no wonder FlyQuest lead the table and look like the best LCS team.

TSM beat the leaders

Both fans and analysts rated TSM as a very mediocre team, but they have proven that their team has far more potential than LCS fans expected. 

No LCS team has ever managed to pull off a perfect 18-0 run through a split, and although FlyQuest were close to doing so, it’s not happening after this game either. After a difficult early game, TSM pulled a comeback to win the match and bring an end to FlyQuest’s epic winning streak. 

In particular, top laner Colin “Solo” Earnest was able to recover from the early ganks that left him 0/5/0. But he pulled off a remarkable comeback performance and ended up with stats of 5/5/9. TSM clinched the important win and claimed the first defeat od the leading squad. 

LCS is upside down

A lot could change in the LCS table, because at the moment there are four teams in fourth place with four wins and four losses each. Team Liquid, who were considered favorites last year, haven’t had much luck in the Winter Split. Even as Dignitas are about to set a negative record, there is also hope for other LCS teams.

For the first time in years, FlyQuest has given folks in the LCS and beyond hope that a North American team can perform strongly at the international level. Aside from CLG’s strong MSI run in 2016, LCS teams have mostly failed at both MSI and Worlds.

Even when EG and Cloud9 were in good form in Spring and Summer 2022 respectively, neither team could compete in international tournaments. Robert “Blaber” Huang spoke about how much he wishes for a higher level of competition in North America during his Worlds 2022 run. After all, it’s difficult to improve as the best team when there’s nobody to beat you and push you to the limit.

We’ll see if FlyQuest can maintain their dominance and how the table will change before the playoffs!

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