Larssen reportedly signs 4-year extension with KOI

After a disappointing 2023 season in the LEC, KOI seems to be working to secure one of its stars... Eduardo | 13. September 2023

After a disappointing 2023 season in the LEC, KOI seems to be working to secure one of its stars to ensure starting next season on the right foot. This is Emil “Larssen” Larsson, who, according to rumors, has reportedly signed a 4-year contract extension with the organization.

While everyone expects KOI to overhaul its LoL lineup for the upcoming season, there is no doubt that, if this move is confirmed, the team would be giving Larssen a vote of confidence to carry the team. Furthermore, this only confirms that the team will revolve around the Swede.

Reports claim that Larssen has signed a 4-year extension with KOI

According to esports journalist Alejandro “anonimotum” Gomis, KOI secured one of its stars by signing Larssen to a 4-year contract extension. Moreover, this would be the first move of the organization to try to have a good 2024 season and, in addition, fight for the champion trophy.

There is no doubt that, if this is confirmed, KOI will have its main pillar to renew the team’s squad around him. Moreover, he becomes one of the few players in the LEC to sign a long-term contract with a team, as, let’s remember, Riot has allowed it since the 2021 season.

About Larssen

Although the Swede is only 23 years old, we can consider him as an experienced or veteran player in the League of Legends competitive scene. Larssen has been a part of Rogue/KOI since the 2019 season when he was the mainstay of the organization’s Academy team to lead them to win the first-ever Ultraliga playoffs.

However, in the summer of 2020, Larssen moved to Rogue’s starting lineup, and since then, he has been one of the team’s main elements and, above all, one of the best players in the EMEA region.

Similarly, it is worth noting that Larssen has only managed to lift one LEC trophy. But indisputably, he is always the main engine of Rogue/KOI that helps them fight to finish within the TOP 3 of each season. However, in this season that is very close to culminating, KOI had many problems succeeding in the LEC, especially in the Spring and Summer Split. Let’s remember that KOI managed to get into the TOP 3 in the winter season.

Finally, we should mention that KOI’s Summer Split was disappointing. They finished 8th place in the regular season with a 4-5 record. In addition, although they managed to qualify for the Group Stage, they did not win a single game and were left out of the playoff party.

The organization’s future seems uncertain now since some reports mentioned that KOI is having financial problems that prevent them from paying players, content creators, and the LEC license. In addition, these reports also highlight that Ibai Llanos, the co-owner of the organization, has had to pay out of his pocket to compensate for these financial problems.

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