Oxygen Esports Win The Second Ludwig x Tarik Invitational

Popular Valorant personalities Ludwig Ahgren and Tarik Celik hosted the second iteration of their “Mickey Mouse” tournament, the Ludwig... Owen | 15. January 2024

Popular Valorant personalities Ludwig Ahgren and Tarik Celik hosted the second iteration of their “Mickey Mouse” tournament, the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational 2. The tournament ran for two days and distributed $50,000 in prize pools from both their pockets. 

The tournament was packed with a new roster debut, a show match, and numerous overtimes. Ultimately, Michael “dapr” Gulino’s Oxygen Esports came out victorious over Moist x Shopify in the Grand Final.

Let’s go back a few hours and talk about what happened on the second and final day of the second Ludwig x Tarik invitational.

Lower Bracket Final

On the first day, the new 100 Thieves Valorant roster was eliminated after losing to Cloud9 in the Lower Bracket. This result meant Cloud9 would face Oxygen Esports in the Lower Bracket Final, with the winner qualifying for the Grand Final, where Moist x Shopify awaits.

The matchup between the two was expected to be close, but Oxygen Esports could sweep their map pick of Split by ending the map in a 13-1 stomp. The second map, Icebox, also went the way of Oxygen Esports after a convincing 9-3 scoreline in the first half. 

Yassin “Reduxx” Aboulalazm’s performance on his 30/15 Jett certainly helped Oxygen close out the map and win the series. Oxygen’s victory against Cloud9 set up a rematch against Moist x Shopify, who were the culprits for knocking them down to the Lower Bracket.

Ludwig vs. Tarik Showmatch

To give Oxygen a little break and some time to prepare for the Grand Final, a show match was played between Ludwig’s and Tarik’s teams. The teams comprised popular streamers, including Pokimane, Masayoshi, TenZ, LilyPichu, and more.

The first two maps of the Best of 3 were 13-2 and 13-1 stomps, where the two teams traded maps and went to the decider. On Lotus, it was a battle between Tarik and TenZ, who dropped 35 and 30 kills, respectively. Ultimately, TenZ helped Team Ludwig take the third map of the show match 13-10.

As the loser, Tarik had to wear a Luigi costume for the rest of the event.

Grand Final Matchup

In the Grand Final, Oxygen Esports faced Moist x Shopify for $45,000, where the winner would take home $30,000 and the loser, $15,000.

The first map was Ascent, the map choice of Moist x Shopify. The teams could not be separated, as the first half ended 6-6. Oxygen Esports took the second pistol round, but got full-eco’d by Moist x Shopify in the next round. Moist x Shopify rode the momentum and won the map 13-9.

The following map was Oxygen’s map pick, Split. Moist x Shopify showed a decent Defensive side and won the half 7-5. However, they could not get their Attacking side working, allowing Oxygen to sweep the second half and win the map 13-8.

The series was tied, and the deciding map was Sunset. Unfortunately, the tournament saw an anticlimactic ending, as Oxygen Esports easily won the map 13-3 to win the second iteration of the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational.