Financial problems for KOI at the end of the 2023 LoL season

The 2023 LoL season is very close to the end, as we only have 4 teams still alive in... Eduardo | 31. August 2023

The 2023 LoL season is very close to the end, as we only have 4 teams still alive in the LEC Season Finals, from which we will know the 3 teams that qualify directly to Worlds 2023. However, this does not mean the season is over for some teams, such as KOI.

The team of Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué, KOI, seems to be immersed in different economic problems that are very close to the end of the season. According to reports in the last hours, Rogue/Infinity is dragging non-payments from the previous season, so KOI’s economic stability is in danger.

Eros shares some financial reports regarding KOI and Rogue

This news is not good for the Spanish LoL since, according to the Spanish journalist Eros, Rogue/Infinity Reality currently has unpaid debts with many workers of the company, for the KOI project in general and, above all, with the payment of the license that allows KOI to play in the LEC. As a result, KOI’s stay in the top tier of LoL in EMEA may be complicated.

After this news, other reports began to come to light that Ibai Llanos himself would be taking out of his own pocket the money needed to cover the organization’s expenses. However, this does not seem enough since the problem would be “huge” and, according to the report, very serious in all sectors.

Problems within KOI due to non-payments by Rogue

In the reports, some points are detailed that, without any doubt, are serious problems for the organization (KOI) and the merger they made with Rogue/Infinity Reality. According to Eros, Ibai would have spent more than €3,000,000 from his pocket to pay the salaries of employees, players, and content creators. In addition, there is also talk that the Spanish content creator paid for everything to do with the team’s Gaming House.

Now, it is not only that Ibai is or is not putting money out of his pocket for the KOI project. But rather, if the LEC place is not paid, the team could be out of the LEC for next season.

In the face of all this, Ibai shared a Tweet that makes mention of the resurgence of the Phoenix. However, the Spanish content creator seems unhappy about the situation in which his Esports organization is, and even some people close to him said that he would be willing to get out of the project in conjunction with Rogue. In addition, there is talk that Ibai could cover all the team’s expenses, but for everything to continue completely differently.

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