JD Gaming and Gen.G Win in Round 3 of Worlds 2023

The excitement continues at Worlds 2023, the final event of the League of Legends season, and, above all, the... Eduardo | 22. October 2023

The excitement continues at Worlds 2023, the final event of the League of Legends season, and, above all, the most important one, as the best team in the world in 2023 will emerge from it.

After several days of action and excitement, we have that JD Gaming and Gen.G are the teams closest to winning the champions trophy since they are the first 2 of 8 teams that qualified for the playoffs. However, nothing is defined yet, and anything can happen because the Mid-Matches of Round 3 will start in a few minutes.

In addition, the qualification of JDG and Gen.G to the playoffs is no surprise, as they are the champions of the LPL and LCK, respectively.

JD Gaming beat LNG Esports again to qualify for Worlds 2023 playoffs

JDG, after an excellent win against Bilibili Gaming in Round 2, took the stage in Round 3 to seek playoff qualification against LPL rival LNG Esports, and they did just that.

Likewise, this series was a “reenactment” of the LPL Grand Final, which began with a solid win by JDG. The reigning Chinese league champions stepped up, avoided surprises, and took the first map with relative ease thanks to Park “Riler” Jae-huyk.

Then, LNG woke up completely and, to avoid their defeat prematurely, they managed to strike back in the second map, where they came out much more aggressive. In addition, this time, we had a forceful response from Tang “Zika” Hua-Yu’s Renekton. Finally, the reigning LPL champions could not stop LNG’s advances and conceded in 28:30 minutes.

Finally, JDG returned to its highest level of play by taking full control of the last map. On this occasion, we have to mention Bai “369” Jia-Hao, who, with Aatrox, led his team to an excellent victory in 26:35 minutes.

Gen.G crush G2 Esports 2-0

On the other hand, the LEC champions, G2 Esports, clashed head-to-head with the LCK champions, Gen.G, and fell with a score of 0-2.

The KBS Arena was dressed up to witness one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament, where the local team, Gen.G, managed to take a comfortable victory.

Undoubtedly, the Draft advantage and the value they came out with in the first map made both G2 and their fans dream completely. However, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, with Sylas, crushed the European squad. As a result, Gen.G took a resounding victory in 31:41 minutes.

In the end, G2 Esports could not reverse the situation, as even though they came out aggressively again to try to even the series 1-1, they failed to do much. Gen.G had Han “Peanut” Wang-ho and Chovy as the main scorers to lead the team to a solid and comfortable victory in 31:56 minutes.

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