IEM Chengdu Day 2 Results

IEM Chengdu is becoming more and more interesting. On the second day, HEROIC and G2 Esports qualified for the... Radu M. | 10. April 2024

IEM Chengdu is becoming more and more interesting. On the second day, HEROIC and G2 Esports qualified for the lower bracket Final in group A, while in group B, Astralis defeated FaZe Clan with ease and qualified for the upper bracket Final.

Group A Results

In group A of IEM Chengdu, Team Liquid, MOUZ, and either HEROIC or G2 Esports will advance to the playoffs. Most likely, MOUZ will beat Liquid while G2 will beat HEROIC. But at this competitive level, the skill difference between the best teams is quite small, so anything could happen.

In the second round of the lower bracket, FURIA Esports won the first map against HEROIC 13 – 6. But then they lost the second map 6 – 13. On the third map, FURIA had the advantage after the first half, 7 – 5. But in the end, they lost 11 – 13.

For G2, the match against Lynn Vision proved to be harder than expected. The scores were 13 – 8 on Anubis and 13 – 11 on Inferno. On both maps, the first half ended 6 – 6.

Group B Results

In group B, Astralis impressed everyone with their 2 – 0 against the Copenhagen Major runner-ups, FaZe Clan. The scores were 7 – 13 on Ancient and 4 – 13 on Nuke. Once again, dev1ce’s leadership proved to be stellar, and his individual performance was just as good: 32 – 20.

Usually, IGLs underperform because of their tactical responsibilities. But when a player like dev1ce takes on the IGL role, you get the benefit of having a great IGL and a great fragger. It’s as if the team has one extra player to rely on.

The only problem here is that br0 still has a lot to learn. Even in this clear victory against FaZe, he was the only one on his team who ended the match with a negative score.

Virtus.pro defeated FlyQuest but they had to struggle to get the win. The scores were 14 – 16 on Inferno, 13 – 11 on Vertigo, and 7 – 13 on Ancient.

If Astralis can beat VP in the upper bracket Final, they will advance directly to the semifinals of IEM Chengdu. This result would be a testament to dev1ce’s prowess, both as an IGL and as a player.

In the lower bracket, Nemiga Gaming eliminated Steel Helmet while Cloud9 easily defeated Wild Card Gaming. Both matches ended with a 2 – 0 result.

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