Guide to obtaining the Hanzo Cupid look in Overwatch 2

Special occasions call for special events, and the developers of Overwatch 2 have offered new quizzes, game modes, and... Maria | 14. February 2023

Special occasions call for special events, and the developers of Overwatch 2 have offered new quizzes, game modes, and eye-catching skins to stock players’ collections.

In OW2, Valentine’s Day has made a triumphant return in the form of new cosmetics and community-created game modes with a romantic theme.

With Valentine’s Day skins, players can team up with their special someone to score a few victories in OW2. Hanzo’s new Valentine’s Day design will steal the hearts of many and, for those who use it, will help them get at least one date.

The developers at Blizzard have been kind enough to provide Hanzo with the legendary Cupid look for the Valentine’s Day event, and it will undoubtedly turn heads. This is how you should dress to impress the rest of the players and show your favorite Overwatch 2 hero how much you admire him.

Valentine’s Day calls for the ideal outfit to dazzle that particular someone, but as always, it will cost you a bundle.

Read on to learn how to get Hanzo’s Legendary Cupid to look in OW2.

Legendary Cupid Skin of Hanzo in OW2

You can get Hanzo’s Legendary Cupid skin in the store to impress your partner. The skin costs 1500 Overwatch coins, but it will stay permanently in the inventory of all players who add it to their inventory.

As part of the Season 3 Battle Pass, once you’ve spent the money on this new Hanzo skin, you can find the new Kiriko Amaterasu mythical skin in your inventory.

Along with Hanzo’s new make-up, this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities also leave behind chocolate and flowers. In addition, new appearances for the game’s characters are added, as well as the Loverwatch mode, in which players will try to conquer the hearts of Genji or Mercy.

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Credits: Blizzard


Loverwatch: Love Never Dies, an Overwatch dating simulation game. It’s text-based and works similarly to most dating simulators, where you must choose the ideal bursts of dialogue to win over the main characters. And after each game, you’ll receive a reward.

Loverwatch Rewards

To ensure you receive your rewards, you must log in to your Blizzard account on the Loverwatch website before you start playing. Then, when you finish each character’s story, you will receive unique Overwatch 2 rewards.

List of rewards

  • Genji’s Peace icon, title, and intro.
  • Mercy’s Angel icon, title, and intro.
  • Cupid’s Arrow title and icon
  • Valentine’s Day cards 1 to 16
  • Card fronts from 1 to 14.

On the Loverwatch home page, select the “rewards” tab to view your rewards. Within 48 hours after claiming them, they will start appearing in your account.

Header: Blizzard