Fragster | 19. August 2022

Samsung Odyssey Ark — the world’s largest curved gaming monitor

Samsung decided to please gamers with the global launch of its new 55-inch large gaming display with rich specifics. The Korean manufacturer indicates that this is the first such model with a 1000R radius of curvature on the market.

Brightness and HDR Samsung Odyssey Ark

The Samsung Quantum Matrix Mini LED provides precise color and brightness control for densely packed LEDs. A good display of HDR content is possible thanks to 14-bit color processing. For comparison, most TVs and monitors have only 8-10 bits.

The black display is divided into 16,384 levels, and the static contrast ratio is 1,000,000:1, which makes high-contrast and dark scenes look realistic. The HDR brightness is 2000 nits, well above the standard for HDR10+, which is required to be at least 600 nits.

Samsung also clarified that Ark mini LEDs do not have the same capabilities as OLED panels, but have four times better contrast than previous monitor models.

The external hub has USB, HDMI 2.1, LAN, EX-LINK, One Connect and an optical port, but no DisplayPort. On the downside, you can’t output two HDMIs at the same time, unlike with the Odyssey Neo G9.

Odyssey Ark 3 scaled 1 770x576 1

A real monster in the world of monitors.

Cabin mode

The main feature of the Odyssey Ark, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 earlier this year, is that it works both vertically and horizontally.

In vertical cab mode, the 55-inch 4K monitor is divided into different segments, allowing users to make the most of the full width of the monitor without having to run games in windowed mode and the like.

The included stand allows adjusting the height and tilt of the Odyssey Ark. If desired, the device can be mounted on the wall. As for the cockpit mode, it enables rotating the screen 90° so that the lower part of it is in a vertical position, and the upper one hangs overhead.

Key Features of Samsung Odyssey Ark:

  • Screen size: 55 inches
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K)
  • HDR: Quantum HDR 2000 (HDR10+)
  • Quantum Mini LEDs
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Panel type: VA
  • Screen Curve: 1000R
  • FreeSync Premium Pro

The streaming platform supports libraries from Samsung partners, including Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. You can use YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services.

Samsung will retail the Odyssey Ark for $3,500, but is giving a $100 discount to those who pre-order. Samsung Odyssey Ark can be purchased at the company’s branded online store.

Image credit: Samsung