Grab Your Squad – Private Lobbies are Now Available in Apex Legends!

You’ve been asking for it, and now private lobbies are finally available in Apex Legends. So whether you’re a... Eduardo | 11. January 2023

You’ve been asking for it, and now private lobbies are finally available in Apex Legends. So whether you’re a rookie or a pro, you can customize your gaming experience by creating your private lobby and inviting your friends to join.

Let’s look at how this feature works and why it is important for gamers of all levels.

What is a Private Lobby?

A private room is when you create a customized game session with specific rules for you and your friends. Within the room, up to 30 players can join the game session and enjoy the game together without worrying about other players outside their team joining.

This gives teams more control over who they play with and allows them to customize their gaming experience. It also allows players to increase their level of play and hone their skills without being judged or criticized by others in public games.

To access a private lobby, you must create one by clicking the “Create Private Lobby” button in the main menu. From here, you can select which map you would like to play on and other settings, such as the number of teams or the time limit set for each match.

Once you have created your lobby, you can invite up to 29 of your friends via their platform IDs (e.g., Xbox Live Gamertag, PlayStation Network ID or Steam ID) so they can join too!

How Can Players Benefit from Private Lobbies?

Private rooms allow players to hone their skills in a safe space without worrying about disturbing other players or being disturbed by them. Something that will undoubtedly enhance the experience for players just starting in the video game.

This also eliminates any potential toxicity within the game, as players know who they are playing with beforehand, allowing for less stress during matches. Unfortunately, and as we know, the esports community tends to be highly toxic in these games.

In addition, it allows teams to practice strategies together before entering public matches where they face unknown opponents. That is to say; you can practice different ways of meeting matches when playing in the rest of the modes.

Finally, if someone wants to hang out with friends while still playing Apex Legends, private lobbies are also ideal.

Private groups for all

Whether you are just starting or an experienced gamer looking for extra challenges, private lobbies are now available in Apex Legends!

With these custom game sessions, teams have more control over who joins them and what rules are set for each match. It also allows players of all levels to practice their skills without worrying about disruption from other players. So, grab your squad and get ready.

Header: EA