GamerLegion announces Counter-Strike Women’s Team

One of the most talked about organizations in this 2023 season in the CS:GO competitive scene, GamerLegion announced the... Eduardo | 24. September 2023

One of the most talked about organizations in this 2023 season in the CS:GO competitive scene, GamerLegion announced the signing of Let Her Cook’s female lineup to start their expansion to Counter-Strike Women’s. In addition, this is great news for female esports and girls who have just signed up with the organization.

This is great news for women’s esports and the girls who have just signed up with the organization, as they will now have direct support in their upcoming tournaments. Furthermore, this also becomes a big step on GamerLegion’s part, as it joins the great organizations that support the female Counter-Strike talent and scene.

The female CS:GO scene is at a great level in gameplay and popularity. As a result, if many more organizations decide to dabble in this world, we could soon have much more lucrative and interesting tournaments.

GamerLegion announces its new female Counter-Strike lineup

Through an official statement on their Twitter/X account, GamerLegion announced the signing of the former Let Her Cook lineup as part of their expansion into female CS.

As we see from the organization’s post, the team will compete under the name GamerLegion Prism (GL Prism). Also, let’s remember that the Let Her Cook girls were also part of Astralis W several months ago, but with the addition of two rookies who have shown impressive talent in the ESL Impact League, Melissa “meli” Aylin and Chloe “KittyTM” Geaney. On the other hand, the rest of the GamerLegion Prism lineup is as follows:

  • Héjja “kezziwow” Kászandrá
  • Yoana “Joanana” Vlaykova
  • Luna “ManeschijnX” Akkermans
  • Jetmir “mdm” – Head Coach

About the new GL Prism lineup

The GL Prism girls have secured a spot in the ESL Impact League S4 and are currently playing in the European Division Group Stage and have a 1-1 record, with a win over shinigami and a loss to G2 Oya.

In the match against shinigami, the European squad showed impressive play to claim victories by 16-14 (Nuke) and 16-4 (Overpass). However, the GL Prism girls fell to G2 Oya in their first tournament match by 14-16 (Ancient) and 7-16 (Inferno).

On the other hand, their next stop will be the match against NaVi Javelins for Week 3 of the European Division. This game will occur next Wednesday, September 27, at 19:30 CEST. Also, there is no doubt that this match is of utmost importance for the girls, as it will be their first match under the GL Prism banner. In addition, above all they are facing the runners-up of the ESL Impact League S3.

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