fRoD is not returning as LOUD Head Coach for VCT 2024

The news about the VALORANT Champions Tour teams and their preparations for the 2024 season continues. This time, we... Eduardo | 7. October 2023

The news about the VALORANT Champions Tour teams and their preparations for the 2024 season continues. This time, we go to Brazil, specifically to LOUD, the champions of VCT Champions 2022.

According to rumors in the last hours, Daniel “fRoD” Montaner will not return as Head Coach of LOUD for the VCT 2024. This could be a hard blow for this team, as it is no secret that LOUD is one of the best in the world. However, everything seems to indicate internal problems in the lineup, so this may not be a surprise.

Reports claim that fRoD is not returning with LOUD for VCT 2024

According to Bruno Povoleri, a Brazilian esports journalist, LOUD decided not to renew fRoD’s contract ahead of VCT 2024 due to “split decisions” with the players.

As we know, LOUD, former champions of the VCT Champions 2022, have proven to be one of the strongest teams in the world, and, of course, they are in the Americas region. Remember that this Brazilian squad was runners-up in the VCT LOCK//IN, the VCT Americas League champions, and third in the VCT Champions 2023.

On the other hand, it is also fair to mention that LOUD is one of the longest-running organizations in the VALORANT competitive scene and one of the richest, surpassed only by Paper Rex, EG, and Fnatic.

About fRoD

Before being LOUD’s Head Coach this season, fRoD was a professional Counter-Strike player and, late in his career, was the Head of Esports for FaZe Clan. However, in 2020, with VALORANT fresh out of the oven, fRoD signed with T1.

After not having the expected success with T1, fRoD jumped to Pioneers, another Tier 2 NA team. However, this was short-lived, as he then came to LOUD, where he stayed for the entire 2023 season. Right now, fRoD is looking for a new home as a coach, either in the VCT or Challengers scene.

According to reports, LOUD did not renew fRoD’s contract because of his “division of opinion” with the players. Similarly, the relationship within the LOUD staff is also said to be good. But speaking of VALORANT, it seems not the best of all.

Currently, LOUD is searching for a Head Coach and a fifth player. Also, remember that Erick “aspas” Santos is exploring his options for VCT 2024.

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