Former Evil Geniuses Support to join FlyQuest for LCS Summer Split

After the LCS Spring Split 2023 ended about a month ago, the popular North American organization, Evil Geniuses, announced... Eduardo | 4. May 2023

After the LCS Spring Split 2023 ended about a month ago, the popular North American organization, Evil Geniuses, announced that they would be making drastic changes to their lineup for the Summer Split.

After EG let go of four players a few days ago, many in the community were concerned about the future of one of the most beloved players in the LCS, Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme. However, rumors of the player’s departure to the LEC have diminished after, according to other reports, he would have a deal with FlyQuest for the Summer Split.

There is no doubt that this would be a luxury signing for this team that shined throughout the Spring Split, and although it could not reach the tournament’s final, it was one of the teams that had an unquestionably better performance.

Vulcan would have a deal with FlyQuest for the Summer Split

According to LEC Woolo, FlyQuest has reportedly agreed to acquire the services of former Evil Geniuses Support, Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme.

During the last few days, there were many rumors that Vulcan was on a team in the LEC, but thanks to the most recent report, the player would already have an agreement with FlyQuest, so this would mean that the beloved player stays in the LCS.

All the rumors of Vulcan’s departure from the EMEA region were because the player signed with Achieveminds in April, a European talent agency. However, with this information published by journalist Brieuc Seeger, all those rumors seem to have been dispelled.

Vulcan and EG didn’t have a good start to 2023

There is no doubt that the start of the 2023 season has not been as expected for either Vulcan or EG. The team struggled all season long to be among the top teams in the Spring Split, and while they made it to the playoffs, the team was crushed by Golden Guardians in the Lower Bracket semifinals 0-3.

On the other hand, FlyQuest is most likely thinking about wiping the slate clean with their League of Legends squad. This team dominated practically all their rivals during the Split, but their performance progressively dropped throughout the tournament to the point that they lost the Upper and Lower Bracket finals.

FlyQuest’s squad is full of stars and fans; even some LCS teams considered them sure finalists. However, they finished in third place after stumbling against Golden Guardians in the Lower Bracket finals.

What about Eyla?

Bill “Eyla” Nguyen is currently FlyQuest’s Support and had a bit of an eventful tournament. Unfortunately, he could only play in 10 of the team’s 18 games because he could not make it to the country in time due to visa issues.

In addition, the player could not show a great level during the games he played, and many people criticize him for the fact that FlyQuest’s collective performance dropped a lot in the last week of the regular season.

Now we can only wait for FlyQuest to confirm this news and see if this will be the first of several changes they can make to the roster for the Summer Split.

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