Astralis partners with Danish Union to host a student esports league

Astralis supports the local pro scene of its homeland Denmark and partners up with a Danish trade union called... Daria Belous | 11. August 2022

Astralis supports the local pro scene of its homeland Denmark and partners up with a Danish trade union called HK Privat to host the Studie_CS esports league for high school students.

The first edition of the new CS:GO league will host both online and offline events, with the grand final set to be held at the Astralis Nexus in Copenhagen. Astralis Nexus is the organization’s facility that features a gaming space where anyone can come and play on high-end devices for a certain price per hour. The club can also host private events or tournaments.

Astralis will help to promote the initiative via its digital channels, including social media pages. No further details regarding Studie_CS tournaments have been revealed, however, both Astralis and Danish Union confirmed that in the future, the project can expand to other gaming titles besides CS:GO.  

HK Privat is the second-largest trade union in Denmark and this marks its entry into the esports space. A partnership with one of the most famous Danish esports organizations can help connect esports and gaming spheres with the country’s educational system and create a joint space for rising stars to study and compete at the same time, participate in official events and possibly make a living from their hobby.

The impact on the local scene 

Moreover, this initiative can help esports to be recognized as legitimate competition and become a steppingstone for rising esports stars in Denmark. Through their performance in a high-school-level esports league, they can be noticed by prominent organizations while still competing in the local scene and later transfer to participating in high-tier tournaments with international rosters. 

Kasper Sindt, Commercial Director of Astralis, stated that students will have an opportunity to compete in their favorite disciplines while also being treated with respect by people from their surroundings. Astralis as an organization seems to care a lot about the development of a competitive scene in the region, as it previously also partnered with the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) to popularize esports competitions among Danish people. 

Simon Tøgern, Head of Section at HK Privat, commented:

“Astralis also has significant experience hosting tournaments for fans and gamers online and in their new gaming centre Astralis Nexus. Together, we believe we can add considerable value to all students across the country. We see vast potential in this partnership by creating a massive, open tournament encouraging positive online communities, where everyone is welcome.”

Header credit: Astralis.gg