Former BLEED Player crazyguy Leaks New DSG Valorant Roster

DigsuisedToast’s professional Valorant roster, Disguised, is looking to reshape its roster ahead of the VALORANT Challengers 2024: Malaysia &... Owen | 21. April 2024

DigsuisedToast’s professional Valorant roster, Disguised, is looking to reshape its roster ahead of the VALORANT Challengers 2024: Malaysia & Singapore Split 2 tournament. The current iteration of the roster finished third place in the first Split. 

First Iteration Of DSG’s Asian Lineup Fails

The Disguised organization previously focused on the Americas region, signing North American players to the roster. However, the team barely succeeded, leading to a quick disbandment. 

DisguisedToast decided to re-enter Valorant with a different approach despite operating on a loss. He partnered with BLEED Esports to turn Disguised into an academy team for the BLEED organization. The team consisted of Malaysian and Singaporean players.

Though the Disguised roster signed some notable players in the Southeast Asian region, the squad could not break through the Malaysia & Singapore Split 1 tournament, finishing in a disappointing third place. 

Toast had high expectations for the team, thinking they could play against the top dogs of the Pacific region. However, Toast witnessed the group lose to unsalaried players. The winners of the Split tournament were playing under the team name “ORGLESS,” showing they had no organization to back them up.

The current Disguised lineup consists of the following players:

  • Bryce “bryce” Lee
  • Wong “JayH” Heng
  • Tyler “juicy” Aeria
  • Sirajul “Riza” Adly
  • Wayne “Wayne” Chang

However, Toast is not happy with the team, and is looking to conduct an overhaul of the team.

Disguised Goes For A Second Round

Former BLEED in-game leader crazyguy took to his live stream to leak the new Disguised roster. The new roster would replace four players on the team, with juicy being the only one remaining. 

The leaked Disguised roster for the upcoming season is: 

  • Tyler “juicy” Aeria
  • Ngô “crazyguy” Anh
  • Marcus “Nephh” Tan
  • – “Grumble” – 
  • Rodman “Vera” Yap

Crazyguy was benched from the BLEED roster after playing only two official matches with yay. He expressed his disappointment following his removal, but it looks like he will end up on BLEED’s “academy roster,” Disguised. He is looking to become the in-game leader of the newly formed squad.

Nephh was also a former player on the BLEED roster, but he left the scene to conduct compulsory military service for the Singaporean army. He announced his return to the scene on March 11. 

Grumble is a relatively unknown player and has yet to even reveal his name to the public. However, he is part of the ORGLESS roster that took down the current Disguised lineup and took first place at the first Split. Grumble defeated Disguised in the Lower Bracket Final and was the highest-rated player in the match. 

Vera is also part of the ORGLESS roster and was the Duelist player on the team. He proved his worth in the Grand Final against LaZe, where he was the best performer on the server.

How Will This Roster Function?

The biggest question on the roster is which player will become the primary Duelist. Juicy has been the designated player for the Disguised roster. However, Vera was also the main Duelist for the ORGLESS roster, which decimated Disguised 3-0. Still, we have seen many Duelist players in the world easily transition to the Sentinel role.

Grumble and crazyguy also play the same agents, as both play the Initiator role. The two players main Sova, Skye, and Fade, so it will be interesting to see which player will become the primary recon of the team. 

The roster is not 100% confirmed as of now, but changes in the Disguised roster are inevitable. The source comes from crazyguy himself, who revealed this information on his live stream on Kick.

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