VIT vs BDS Highlights: Upper Round 2 LEC 2024

Let’s jump right into the heat of the LEC Upper Bracket Round 2, where Team Vitality and Team BDS... Aleksandar | 2. April 2024

Let’s jump right into the heat of the LEC Upper Bracket Round 2, where Team Vitality and Team BDS locked horns in an epic showdown.

This trio of games was not just about bragging rights. It was a chess match played on the rift, filled with nail-biting moments, strategic brilliance, and individual prowess.

Game 1: Vitality Clinches Victory Against BDS

VIT vs BDS Game 1 Upper Round 2 LEC 2024

The opener was nothing short of a spectacle, with Vitality drawing first blood and setting an aggressive tone that would define the entire match. Their control over objectives and the map was textbook perfection, often leaving BDS scrambling to keep up.

Vitality’s bot lane duo, in particular, showed up big, outclassing BDS with crucial kills and lane dominance that tipped the scales in their favor. Despite some pushback from BDS, including a standout solo kill, Vitality’s cohesive team fighting and baron control eventually sealed the deal. 

A relentless push to dismantle BDS’s defenses culminated in a commanding victory for Vitality, showcasing their tactical superiority and aggressive gameplay that fans have come to expect.

Game 2: Team Vitality vs Team BDS: A Clash of Titans

VIT vs BDS Game 2 Upper Round 2 LEC 2024

The second game turned the intensity up a notch, with Vitality initially dominating the early game through strategic plays and lane leads. Their aggression seemed to spell doom for BDS, but the tables turned as BDS displayed incredible resilience.

Key solo kills from BDS’s Adam and strategic objective captures began to erode Vitality’s early advantage. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring moments of individual brilliance and strategic depth.

BDS’s team fight execution in the late game, punctuated by Ice’s jaw-dropping pentakill, clinched a comeback victory. This game was a testament to the unpredictable nature of the LEC, with both teams showcasing why they’re among Europe’s best.

Game 3: Vitality and BDS Clash in Electrifying Game 3

VIT vs BDS Game 3 Upper Round 2 LEC 2024

The third game was the tiebreaker, and it lived up to the hype. BDS, riding the momentum from their game 2 comeback, took control early. Their strategic maneuvers and mid-game mastery outplayed Vitality, setting the stage for a final showdown.

BDS’s ability to capitalize on crucial moments and coordinate attacks led to their victory, marking a big stance in the tournament. This game was a brilliant display of competitive League of Legends, where strategy, quick reflexes, and seizing the moment made all the difference.


The face-off between Team Vitality and Team BDS in the LEC Upper Bracket Round 2 was a thrilling rollercoaster of strategic gameplay, clutch moments, and heart-stopping action.

From Vitality’s assertive opening victory to BDS’s spectacular comeback in games 2 and 3, this series was a testament to the high stakes and intense competition that define the European League of Legends.